Friday, 4 April 2014

Board work 5

It has been some time since I have done any work on the boards. 
Through the previous two years there has been some deterioration. Some larger pieces have fallen off, chips and so forth have lead to un-undercoated sections of the board.

So I bought two cans of spray paint and got some PVA glue out...

I started PVA-ing this board, over the exposed polystyrene sections:

While that was happening, as you can see from the other picture, I got another board out and resprayed it black over some exposed sections, then sprayed it 'cocoa bean' brown. 

That was the only brown they had, it hasn't shown up as a decent brown, but the next layer after this should be a mid -brown, then a much lighter brown, then flocking/etc... so the difference between the two can be overlooked for now.

Also the shadow lord took some paint and he is now mostly undercoated

Missed his sword completely, oops
This means that the boards will hopefully look a lot better during any future battles.

Until then


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