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Face-off 2013 Final Fiefdoms Vs Isengard Raiders

And the Final

The Isengard raiders have had a challenging two battles before this one, the Easterlings nearly escaped their grip, however they managed to remove them completely from the field, for a score of 18-4.
They then faced Moria in a battle to the death, which they scraped through from a close set of fights and courage tests, giving them a minor victory 15-9.

The Gondorians in comparison have had two easy battles, Cirith Ungol held the upper hand in the first battle for one or two turns, before Duinhur lead by example, killing a total of six warriors, breaking the orcs and watching them flee the field for a major victory of 15-4.
The second battle was half as difficult once Duinhur had killed the elf captain, and two Gondorians had infiltrated their lines, a comfortable 20-4 victory.

Fiefdoms Vs Isengard Raiders(Clash of Piquets)

Duinhur and Lurtz are set at opposite corners

All warriors arrive except three knights and uruks
Lurtz moves his uruks up the field, the small group of clansmen and
knights try to evade them. 
Two knights haven't arrived yet, Duinhur urges his warriors to kill the 
two uruks quickly so they can defend against the ones coming.
One of the uruks falls
Duinhur organises his men as Lurtz and co. fire arrow after 
arrow at them, thankfully to little effect
Duinhur cleans up the final uruk behind their lines
The final knight enters the field, an uruk takes a tumble for the worse, 
three uruks jump over the hedge only to be set upon by Gondorians
An uruk is cloven at a clansman's blade
Lurtz orders a full attack behind the hedge
Duinhur dodges the uruk-hai's attacks, piercing his spear and sword
into both uruks, which reducing the Uruk-hai below 50%
Giving the Fiefdoms a victory!(15-4)

Fiefdoms = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy) = 15

Isengard raiders = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

Well the Uruk-hai have reason to be mad. Not a single Gondorian fell there, moreover an uruk was killed by falling over, meaning Lurtz didn't get much of a shine in this battle.
The Isengard raiders didn't use their strength advantage and were sucked into unworkable fights, even their shooting was disorganised.

The Gondorians put on a good show, surrounding and killing stray uruk-hai, shielding to prevent them gaining ground while Duinhur killed the remaining on the other side.

Now the kill chart, displayed like: [ NAME = Kills(Weight of kills) ] 
Weight of kills contributes to place, when two heroes have same number of kills:

Duinhur = 12(14)
Troll = 11(17)
Lurtz = 7(9)
Goblin Captain = 5(5)
Elven Captain = 4(6)
Gorbag = 1(1)

Duinhur scrapes the most kills, one more than the troll, where he would've lost to weight of kills with one less.

Also the team kills:
The Fiefdoms       = 22
Moria                     = 20
Isengard Raiders = 16
Rivendell               = 10
Theoden's Host    = 4
Cirith Ungol           = 4
Erebor                   = 2
The Easterlings    = 1

Duinhur also takes the Man of the Tournament award as his kills contributed more towards the victory conditions of each battle, for example killing the orc banner bearer and the elven captain.

The disappointments have been Theoden's host who held the 3rd placers to a draw, and Erebor who should have been able to surround and defeat the elves, with superior numbers and armour.

I hope you enjoyed the past few battles more when I get back in a couple of months, where I shall be following the fellowship through Moria?

Until then


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