Sunday, 19 January 2014

Face-off 2013 semi-finals Fiefdoms Vs Rivendell

Now it's time for these two to battle.

The Gondorians have the numerical advantage, and have similar armour to the elves. Duinhur is slightly disadvantaged again the Elven captain in fighting skill, armour and courage. The elves however despite their fighting skills will have to infiltrate their lines, which is difficult with much fewer numbers.

Fiefdoms Vs Rivendell  (Reconnoitre)


The elves split, like the Gondorians do
The elf archers group, while the other two groups try to hold their 
ground. Two Gondorians move to flank the elves, while the rest distract
the main groups.
A huge melee, and a knight also tries to flank.
A small fight over here, and the two flankers are getting away.
Duinhur and the knight fight well together blocking the elf's attacks 
and thrusting deep into his chest, Duinhur claims the kill.
One clansman falls to elven prowess.
The melee continues, but the elf archers have joined this time
one elf blocks a knight. flanking.
More small fighting over here, and one knight manages to break the 
elven lines
Duinhur manages another kill, as do two clansmen
which breaks the Elven force
One elf flees, the remainder try to move to evade, 
as one death spells the battle end
And Duinhur does such
Giving The Fiefdoms a major victory! (20-4)

Fiefdoms = 10pts(winning scenario) + 3pts(killing leader) +5pts(breaking enemy)                                              +2pts(number of models successfully infiltrating) = 20
Rivendell  = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

The fiefdoms took a massive victory over the elves there, once the Elven captain fell there was not much hope for the elves. The Gondorians used their numbers well, the elves could not find a gap in the Gondor lines, so were reduced quickly by the number of attacks.

Next time shall be the third place battle between Rivendell and Moria in Reconnoitre.

Until then


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