Thursday, 2 January 2014

Face-off 2013 1st round the Easterlings Vs Isengard raiders

Well, happy new year followers!

The Isengard Raiders replace the previous winners, The Serpent Horde, and face the Easterlings. One of the three sides with decent armour for their warriors and heroes, yet this will probably be negated due to the high strength of the Uruk-hai.

Because of the size of the board, the sides will be placed in two adjacent corners and have the artefact at the opposing end. The artefact will have to be carried off a different board edge fora victory to be achieved.

The Easterlings Vs Isengard Raiders (Seize the prize)


The archers of both sides face-off, to little effect
More shooting, but nothing gives. As the sides approach each other,
the next priority roll may decide who gets the dig first
The captain gets lucky and orders his men to form a wall,
blocking the path to the digging site
Lurtz orders the half men into the wall, knowing they have the advantage
Lurtz and co. charge the wall,
an Uruk vaults the hedge but is surrounded by easterners,
and the captain is halted in his digging process
Lurtz carves his shield and sword into the easterners,
while the vault Uruk is also killed
Another Easterling becomes man-flesh
The captain seizes the moment and digs hurriedly for the artefact
as his men's lives are at stake
The Raiders appear to be on top over here
A bowman is cut down
The Easterlings are slaughtered after their foolish challenges,
leaving the Easterlings Broken
The only bright side is that the artefact is found!
The captain manages to summon his courage(-1will)
and rally three of his men, the other man flees
His men stall the uruks while their captain tries to salvage a small victory
Lurtz wins the heroic move roll off, while they cannot attack the captain,
he attacks a single uruk

The other Uruks mop up the Easterlings
Two of the three succumb to their blades
Lurtz and co. waste no time in surrounding the two remaining Easterlings
And they are butchered
Giving the Uruk-hai a major victory! (18-4)

The Easterlings were totally outfought, the higher fight value meant that the Easterlings had to move around the Uruk-hai to gain any advantage, yet since they had the same move rate, also their advantage in archer defence was not utilised either, and their captain couldn't compete against normal warriors. 
Overall a total loss for the servants of Sauron.

The next battle is the start of the semi-finals, the Fiefdoms face-off the Elves of Rivendell in Reconnoitre.

Until then


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