Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Face-off 2013 3rd place Moria Vs Rivendell

Last time time these two met was in the 1st round of last year's face-off and it didn't go well for the elves. This time however, the elves simply have to evade through the goblin lines and vice versa for the goblins. Both sides have a similar number of models in their force. The elves have the advantage of warrior superiority, and a larger move rate. The goblins don't have much using the troll, as the elf captain could face it off in a fair fight, but they do have the goblin captain who is superior to the average elf.

Moria Vs Rivendell (Reconnoitre)


Two elves flank the goblin contingent while they concentrate their
attack through the centre
The troll is faced by a picket of elven spears and their captain
Swinging madly a the nearby spikes and catching the elves off-guard
Killing one and wounding the captain
The captain tries to deal with the troll himself
while the other elves hold the other goblins
And the goblin archers shoot arrows at the escaping elf
The elves completely fail in their combats, the captain and two others 
succumb to the goblin blades and the troll's hammer. 
The elves are Broken!
The goblin captain and troll try to escape the field before the elves are 
reduced to 25%, while their minions hold the elves
One elf flees, much to the disgrace of the Noldor
Beginning of the next turn another elf flees, reducing them to 25% !
Meaning it's a draw and the scores will be taken into account:

Moria = 7pts(drawing scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy) +3pts(killing leader) = 15

Rivendell = 7pts(drawing scenario) = 7

A very close draw, but it's clear that the goblins had the upper hand, gained after the 3rd turn when three elves, including the elf captain, were felled. If the flanking elves had held his ground, then a major victory could have been achieved.
The troll gained his 9th,10th and 11th kills, which puts him first in the most kills ranking. Closely followed by Duinhur with 9 and Lurtz with 7, but the winner of the final shall determine the victor upon that front.

The next battle is between The Fiefdoms and Isengard Raiders in Clash of Piquets.

Until then


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