Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Face-off 2013 semi-finals Moria Vs Isengard Raiders

Well this has taken a while, apologies for the wait, and that this isn't Fiefdoms Vs Rivendell, which shall be up after this one.

The raiders have in advantage in fire-power however will not be able to use it due to the scenario special rules. Although they also have superior numbers and warrior quality, their lack of courage could prove fatal this time, as they will have to take courage tests to charge the troll. Which is the goblins advantage, this scenario allows them to be able to use the troll's killing potential, but if they break too soon, it could disappear just as easily.

Moria Vs Isengard Raiders (Ill Met by Moonlight)


Both sides move so they can use their bows
The goblins fortify the way through, and the scouts try to corner the troll
The goblin captain launches himself over the wall to help his minion archers,
Two uruks manage to charge the troll
Lurtz punches a hole in the goblin defence, 
The goblin captain also manages to down an uruk(-2might),
elsewhere another uruk falls
Another two uruks manage to charge the troll, Lurtz faces the blockade 
alone, and the other goblins face-off individually
Lurtz crushes another goblin with shield(-1might), and both goblin archers fall
The troll simply swipes his opponents aside
furious that the goblins are now broken
The captain rallies his remaining three followers
and they charge into the one-sided frays
Lurtz and the captain both manage a single kill each
But the troll tramples over the three surrounding uruks
breaking the Isengard force
The two remaining goblins flee for their lives! 
The troll remains, giving the goblins hope of victory yet
Lurtz rallies his last two uruks while the troll flees!
Giving the Uruk-hai a victory!(15-9)

Isengard Raiders = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy) = 15

Moria = 4pts(losing scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy) = 9

A close battle indeed. The uruks were flawed when attacking the troll with their low courage values, however they made up for it by breaking the goblins quickly, on the other side.

Moria will face the loser of the next battle for third place in Reconnoitre, and Isengard Raiders will face the winners at the final in Clash of Piquets.

The next battle is The Fiefdoms Vs Rivendell in Reconnoitre.

Until then


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