Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 9

Well last time Morge and the goblin horde attacked a resting Aerun who managed to evade their grips. Nethar and Haldran pursued further settlements. Vashner attacked Minas Morgul only to be repelled.

This turn Mordor get priority and gather 900R compared to Gondor's 1400R.

The Dark lord calls up a Haradrim battalion lead by Lieutenant Jurasin at the Haradrim stronghold. Four peasants are bought, two for north Harnen, and two for Cirth Ungol.

The steward orders the purchase of six peasants, two for the Entwash settlement, two for Osgiliath, and two for the Druadan settlement.

Lieutenant Morge and Vashner march on Minas Morgul, they are joined by the goblin horde.
Corporal Keresk goes south and manages to claim the north Ithilien settlement.
Anersk marches on the Druadan settlement but only manages two hexes.

Lieutenant Jurasin moves east to a settlement in Harad however encounters a rogue Gondorian warband.
preparing for the worst the attack, but the Gondorians have fled before any combats could ensue. They continue two more hexes coming to rest before the settlement.

Haldran reaches the Anorien settlement, summoning the riders of Rohan warband in waiting

Dengond is ordered to aid Aerun and Bestir at Minas Morgul, he joins the attack most of the way through the assault.
With another victory bringing the consecutive wins to five, all good models gain +1 courage.

Nethar moves south to counter Anersk's move, but encounters some orc who flee at the sight of the tall shiny-clad men. They managed two hexes before they must rest.

In the south Mainz encounters a small band of brave rogue Gondorians.
They manage a major victory over the rogues gaining 400R

This looks different as I've got windows 8 now :)

Good Evil
Capital 400 100
Settlements 1000 800
Battles 800 0
Other 10 100
Supplies -102 -84
Expenses -300 -1200
Total 1808 -284

This leaves the Mordor treasury total at 568R, and the Gondorian total at a stupendous 3238R! 
Let's hope the Mordorians have a back-up plan, since everything is looking down for them at the moment.

Haldran's company secured the Anorien settlement summoning the riders of Rohan (by special rule), moreover since Keresk secured the Ithilien settlement and a company of Dwarves lead by Lieutenant Oira is summoned at Minas Tirith. 

A battle seems to be approaching in the south, although this time Gondor will probably be attacking rather than defending.
The north is all but secured, Anersk will have to get lucky to claim the Druadan settlement before Nethar reaches it, moreover Haldran and the riders of Rohan battalion will be fast approaching that settlement too.
The only bright side for the evil force defeat at Minas Morgul, is that they could attack Osgiliath with little hindrance, also Keresk could distract some of the advantage the Gondorians have.

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