Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pictures with Byte

More recently I've noticed how my trigger-happy finger has swallowed up a considerable amount of data storage space on my Google account :(

Looking through the various setting on my camera, I realised that I could change the quality of the picture to reduce the size of each picture(in bytes).

Anyway I took several pictures to compare them, not sure which would be more appropriate?

On setting 10M
Setting 9M
Setting 5M
Setting 3M
Setting 2M
Setting 0.3M
I think M refers to mega pixels?

From initial viewing I can't see much difference between the photos, however flicking through them the last picture cannot be blown up, meanwhile in the other pictures I didn't notice too much of a quality change when the number of pixels was reduced.

So in conclusion I might actually go for the 3M setting, I would have gone for 2M, but this might reduce the quality too much, and if It doesn't work out for future pictures then I can always change back.

Until then


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