Friday, 5 April 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 9 other battles

Mainz Vs rogue Gondor (All for one)


The archers position themselves
More moving
More shooting to little avail
Sanas falls to rogue arrows
Mainz and co. engage the rogues in hand-to-hand
The opposing archers trying to evade each other
Two rogues succumb to Gondorian steel
More fighting
A very close shoot out
Mainz claims a kill
The opposing archers help out
Or so they thought
Another overview, things looking very one-sided
Another rogue dealt with
The last one stand's his ground
And greets his end
The Rohan warrior that had been captured, was found dead on the ground.

Giving Mainz' company an easy victory and 400R. Mainz gain +1 attacks, his shield corporal gains +1 defence, one of the swordsmen was promoted to a citadel guard.
Sanas had an arm-wound, so had to sell (with much reluctance) his two-handed sword for a hand weapon.

Until then


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