Monday, 15 April 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 10

Last turn the goblins, Morge and Vashner attacked Minas Morgul only to repelled again by Dengond and Aerun.
Mainz defeats a small band of rogues, moving closer to North Harnen. 
Nethar moves to defend Druadan against the oncoming Anersk.
Keresk secures the Ithilien settlement summoning a band of dwarves at Minas Tirith and the Riders of Rohan are finally summoned by Haldran at Anorien.

Seeing as this is getting harder to book-keep, let-alone for you to read. 
I've put up a page which will list the stats of each company, any special rules, etc.

Mordor get priority and gather a poor 700R, meanwhile Gondor gather an enormous 1500R.

Corporal Keresk sends out for three recruits, his followers return with an spear-orc and a Haradrim bowman to add to the ranks.

In Minas Morgul a fight breaks out between Luthyre and the injured Dengond. Although no swords were drawn, Dengond's company is split. Dengond is left with all the rangers/bowmen, the one armed corporal and a citadel guard. Meanwhile Luthyre takes Yaion a citadel guard and both spearmen.

To make up for the lack of men Dengond calls up two citadel guard, he also promotes one of his more experienced rangers Gerthil who gains +1 fate.
Luthyre is granted the rank of Lieutenant after much debate with the Steward(+1 might/will/fate). He promotes Yaion and a citadel guard to corporal(+1 fate).
He also calls up recruits of two Gondorian archers.

Lieutenant Anersk marches on the Druadan settlement.
Keresk moves to Minas Morgul, although only manages one hex.
The Goblin horde is ordered on Osgiliath, while Morge and Vashner are to remain at the crossroads. 
Lieutenant Jurasin manages two more hexes towards the Khand settlement

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Nethar manages to hasten to the Druadan settlement, meanwhile Haldran and the riders of Rohan simply have to rest before reaching the settlement
Lieutenant Mainz manages one hex before encountering a band of Mordorians.
The Steward tests Luthyre's actions by ordering him and Aerun to attack Morge and Vashner.
Also he sends newly acquired Lieutenant Oira to aid the peasants at Osgiliath.

There are plenty of battles to keep you entertained, hopefully.

Until then


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