Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Third siege of Minas Morgul

Siege roll - 6

Aerun sat a his counsel of war table with Bestir, Theorn and Bereov (his corporal's were out of action). The situation was grave. Morge had coupled with the goblin captain and Vashner, making three companies against their one and Bestir with his peasants. They laboured over the positioning of troops and the arrival of the orcs. Thankfully they were delayed by a few hours compared to the goblin horde.

He hadn't heard any news from Dengond since the crossroads, hopeful he would march to their rescue, like the battle at Osgiliath. But even if they came, It would be at nightfall once the majority of fights would be resolved.

Aerun stood upon the battlements, leaving Bestir to fend for the gate (being the defenders best fighter), it was late evening as the goblins came with their ladders....


One goblin arrow finds it's mark
Another peasant falls to the goblin arrows
The ladders are cast up
Same here
The goblins clamber up them
Aerun confronts the minion as they gain a foothold at the gatehouse
Aerun is helped by a peasant
The men regaining the northern wall
And the goblins pushing further into the gatehouse
More fights in the north
One goblin down and take his friend in the fall
No side gives quarter at the gatehouse
The men in the north killing another goblin 
Morge and Vashner's forces arrive
Morge and Vashner's force hasten to the walls
Another goblin killed by the men on the northern wall
Aerun gains a small advantage
More advancing
the southern wall defenders move to help Aerun

another advantage gained at the gatehouse
Bereov hastens to push down the ladder
More fighting
The goblin regains the foothold on the northern wall
Aerun secures the gatehouse, for now...
Things looking bleaker for the northern wall defenders
Bereov force to fight, Aerun engaged again
Gatehouse regained
Northern wall regained
The cave troll finally smashes part of the gate,
only to find it still preventing his entrance
One goblin takes flight in light of recent events,
or the coming arrival of Dengond (two turns)
Preparing another assault
One orc down
Bereov still unable to cast down the ladder
The next turn both ladders are cast down
Dengond's forces arrive
They abandon the siege and take on the smaller force
Bestir and Theorn open the gate and assault the troll
The defenders more from the walls to aid Dengond
Who is wounded to death by multiple arrows
The Gondorian response
Theorn down (and still not painted at that point :S )
The captain, troll and a couple others decide life is better than possible victory
Bestir move to attack the orcs at northern wall
Aerun and defenders prepare to exit the defences
One big mash of melee-s 
Orc casualties
The defenders exit the battlements with aid of Bestir
Another clash of steel and orc steel
Four orc to two Gondorian casualties
The bottom of the ladder is nearly secure
The final goblin flees
The defenders arrive to aid Dengond's forces
Fights at the ladder
Three orcs downed, and a ranger escapes Morge's wrath (TY fate point)
Ladder secured
Mopping up here
Man to orc fighting over here
Three orcs to two men casualties
Morge concedes this battle and flies with his followers
Granting the Gondorians another Major Victory and 400R.

The goblin horde loses four from it's number and three more are detained for another turn. Vashner's and Morge's forces are surprisingly left unscathed.

Dengond, a bowman and a spearman are detained for another turn.
Yaion gains +1 courage, Luthyre gains +1 fight and +1 defence.

In Aerun's company one corporal will miss the next turn
Aerun gains +1 courage, the detained corporal gains +1 might.

Dengond greeted Aerun at the gate for a second time. But this time he was restrained by a bandage across his waist.
"A second time you sally forth from your stronghold and into the belly of the enemy!"grinned Aerun.
"I would not leave you here to rot under siege." Dengond replied.
"I guess the steward knew of this?"
"He does not. In fact he ordered me not to." Dengond sank his head."I told him that the dwarves could hold Osgiliath better than I could, yet he still insisted I remain there."
They soon turned to drink and Luthyre joined them, however his mood had turned ill since Aerun's close victory at the crossroads. Maybe Luthyre blamed him for it. Although the drink loosened Aerun tongue he held his true worries close to heart, as he watched the sun rise. 
It felt as if it was dusk rather than dawn, and that the tide might have turned.

Lieutenant Morge's, Vashner's and the goblin captain's forces meet at the ruins of their encampment. Tensions were high, they still had no way to know of Dengond's coming. Three times he had defied the goblins, leaving them more scathed each time.
The captain rose, snarling at his 'superiors',
"I have a plan." He wavered.
"That's nice(!)" sniggered Morge, for he had little respect left to give the captain, after both escapades he was part of had failed.
"Fine, what's this filth you goad about," answered Vashner aggressively.
"All you have to do is hold your position and I will take their stronghold" The captain giggled, pointing to a crude figure on a crude map....

Until then



  1. Your whole campaing is awesome and I love it... Keep up the good work...

    1. Thanks :), I only wish it seemed less one sided at the moment


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