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Battle at the Crossroads

Luthyre and Aerun discussed tactics as the marched, the men were showing signs of unrest, they had battled the Mordorians together a three times and were used to each other's company.
"A direct attack would spell disaster for us, even without the goblins at their side we are outnumbered" commented Luthyre
"Then we need a distraction for a portion of their force...." Aerun replied, then looked at Luthyre, who met his gaze and the colour drained his face.
"If that is what must be done, then it shall be done" Luthyre conceded.

Further discussion was broken but a ranger hastening towards them. Aerun had asked him to travel further ahead to determine the enemy layout.

"Lieutenant!" The ranger called.
"Speak, what news of the enemy?" Aerun asked
"They are barely half a day's march from here" The ranger replied
"Where are they now?"
"I know not, only that one orc commander is marching, whilst the other is stationary"
"They are searching for us!" cried Luthyre drawing his sword, "They must have scouts to know we are within striking distance."
"Luthyre! Calm yourself!" Ordered Aerun, "We shall move into the clearing and await their arrival there."
The troop marched into clearing, although it seemed quiet a small band of orcs had settled beside a ruined house. It was Vashner! As Aerun ordered an attack Morge and his company appeared from the shrubbery...

Lieutenant Aerun and Luthyre Vs Lieutenant Morge and Vashner (A Chance encounter)



More marching
Morge's force turns there attention's to Luthyre
The orc archers manage to double wound the ranger
Luthyre edges a Heroic move over Morge
And moves far away
The sides clash
Vashner loses both corporals and two other warriors
The orc archers join Vashner in the melee
Luthyre attacks the orc ranks with the aid of one archer
Yaion falls to orc blade, yet three orc are killed around him
More attacking
The orc corporal survives the throwing spear of Luthyre
Luthyre kills two(knocking the other to the ground)
whilst both archers fall aside him
Vashner fall to Gondorian steel, fate abandoning him
The orcs are surrounded
Morge flees!
Luthyre throws a spear at the grounded orc disabling it,
the orc corporal take up command ordering his orcs to give chase.
To little cause as all other orcs are downed, reducing them below 25%
Giving a major victory to the Gondorians!(and 400R)

To be honest if Morge had ignored Luthyre they could have gained the middle ground at fewer losses, but Luthyre would have probably have attacked to greater affect, and maybe they would have achieved a draw.

In Aerun's company the ranger recovers but gains an old battle wound.
One corporal gains +1 defence, Theorn gains +1 fight, Bereov gains +1 defence.
In Luthyre's company Yaion and both archers will miss the next turn.
Luthyre gain Rally to me special rule, His other corporal gains +1 wound, one of his spearmen is promoted to a citadel guard (and gains +1 fate).

In Morge's company all recover, except one archer who will miss the next turn.
A two-handed-axe warrior is promoted to a morannon orc.
In Vashner's company one spear orc will miss the next turn, and both corporal's gain old battle wounds.
One of who also gains +1 wound.

Luthyre and Aerun watched the afternoon dwindle, as the groans of the injured faded.
Even though the morning came there was no sign of a rider. Both Luthyre and Aerun had been waiting for their orders, in the meantime they had sent a couple of scouts to determine the whereabouts of Morge and Vashner.
Not until evening did anyone arrive; it was one of the scouts.
"Lieutenant!" he called.
"Speak, what news of the enemy?" Luthyre replied.
"Vashner has moved North upstream, there are only a couple of his warriors injured from the attack by the looks of things."
"And what of Morge, is his company with them?" said Aerun, who had hastened from his bed after the scout's arrival.
"Bereov is tracking them right now" the scout replied.
"Where is Vashner headed?" Luthyre enquired.
"West, to what end I do not know."
"Gather arms men! We move out!" Aerun bellowed
"I move to Minas Morgul, I shall send word for Dengond to accompany you." Luthyre noted.
The scout was left slightly befuddled, but followed orders.

In Morge's camp the mood was very low, they had failed to defeat the Gondorians in open battle, with a larger force. The only light side was that many of his warriors were becoming much stronger, and would soon contest with the men.
An orc tracker came during late evening, which was unusual since the dark lord rarely gave specific orders. The orders the Tracker gave bore good news, at least for now.
"Vash!" called one of the minions.
"It's Lieutenant you filth!" Vashner responded
"We spotted a scout scum! in the southern bushes!" he cried, and then added "...Lieutenant"
"Good, but the dark lord calls us to a more pressing task."Vashner grinned. 
They had left the camp by late afternoon.

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