Saturday, 4 May 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 10 other battles

Mainz and his troops marched in the midday heat, he needed no scouts since there was barely any shrubbery  surrounding them. 
But he had sent out one just in cause, which was fortunate since he came back with news.
"Lieutenant!" he called
"What news of the north, and of the enemy?" Mainz replied,
"There has been a massacre, much blood has been split, I know not of whether it is that of our men or the Mordorians." He paused to gain breath " But graver news for us, an orc contingent approaches, small but the captain has a reputation against the Haradrim."
"How do you know of this?"
"He raided a small village whilst I was scouting."
Mainz rolled his eyes, typical orcs."Prepare your arms men!"He ordered

Lieutenant Mainz Vs rogue Mordor (a chance encounter)


More marching and the exchange of arrows
Trying to evade combat
The rogues get priority moving the two exposed orcs to safety
Then the spear-walls clash
The bow-corporal receives one wound, to be saved by fate
More fighting
One orc archer removed by bow-fire
Mainz wounds the captain twice(+1might), only for one to be saved by fate
 Sanas losses fight after numerous attacks
The rogue captain calls a heroic move, and surrounds Mainz
The archers move to assist Mainz in the combats
And one of their arrows finds the last orc archer
More attacking, and Mainz is still surrounded
The Gondorians fare better in the melee, losing one to the orc's two
Another heroic move called by the rogue captain
Mainz survives the attack by fate,
another orc is removed breaking the orc force
Mainz moves to break orc's spirit, by engaging the captain
Two orcs flee as a result
The captain and a companion lose heart

Bringing the orc force below 25% and giving Mainz a major victory and 400R!

Sanas makes a full recovery along with one spearman, the other spearman dies from his injuries.
His bow corporal gains a might point, and the spearman left fails his promotion.

Mainz let his men drink long into the night. They had achieved their fourth victory, granted all were against rogues, but they were victories none the less.
Soon they would face the Mordorians(or in this case Haradrim), and they would see if their training had paid off.

Until then


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