Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Team photos!

Having the second largest force (by a single model) and each warrior having a high fight value, also deadly archery with their elven bows, means that killing each soldier will be an objective on it's own.

Note:The captain has the white cloak, and the unarmoured spearman is beside him

Army of the High King
Although the smallest force of the four, six casualties and it's broken. Elendil should hopefully deal out enough damage to counter this. It's warriors will out fight the orcs and goblins and match any evil captains, but they could be easily destroyed by the elves.

Minas Morgul
Boasting the largest army in the tournament, with 31 models, breaking it will be a long task, however their lowly profiles means that every model will have to count. with the only cavalry model means manoeuvring will be easier since it is an Orc captain. Also with the only banner winning key fights will become more difficult for opponents.

Note: the three morannon orcs count for the orcs with only hand weapons.

Moria with Nazgul ally
Despite the relatively low numbers for a goblin force, they have a few aces up their sleeves. With the cave troll killing enemy warriors only becomes easier. Also Durburz with his 12" stand fast means that in the centre of the board none will flee(as long as he doesn't), and a ringwraith being the only spell caster means that enemy heroes will be less of a challenge.

Note: The ringwraith is represented by the witch-king model.

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