Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lord of the rings SBG small tournament

Since finishing secondary school,  my attention has turned back to my hobby.
lord of the rings strategy battle game, and to begin a relatively 'simple' tournament.

For this there would be four different forces of 300 points each. All have their own leader and fit in with the LOME (legions of middle earth) rules. The forces are:

  • Rivendell (all models have heavy armour unless stated otherwise)(300pts)
Elven captain with elven bow
8 Elves with blades
6 Elves with blades and bows
7 Elves with spears and shields (one has no armour or shield)
  • Minas Morgul(300pts)
Grishnakh with shield
Orc captain with shield and warg
29 orcs  (12x shields, 8x spears,4x two handed weapons,1 bow,1 banner)
  • The army of the high king(300pts)
Numenor captain with shield 
10x warriors with shields

  • Moria (with the Nazgul as allies)(300pts)
Cave troll
20x goblins (10x shields,10x spears)
Ringwraith with(1/7/0)

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