Sunday, 10 July 2011

SBG tournament 2nd round Rivendell vs Minas Morgul

Rivendell vs Minas Morgul
The same rules, teams, but different terrain, this time trees, rocky outcrops and less walls.
The first turn goes to evil, but all models move 6", although the elven archers move 3". Then manage to unwarg the orc captain.
Good reclaim priority next and move possessively around the well, the orcs engage the elves by the well and the outcrop. Two orcs are killed through the elven arrows, one from the elven captain (he used a might point). The orcs could only kill a single elf.
Good gained priority for turn three, and the orc and elf captain contested for a heroic move, which the orc won, and charged the elf to cancel their move out. The northern elven line move back 3" so they are out of charge range and can shoot. The orcs respond by taking evasive action and rush towards the well!
In the shoot phase good manage to kill an orc by arrows, then a lone orc archer kills an elf in return! The fight phase is more good news for evil, 3 elves are killed, 1 by Grishnakh by using a might point. The elves could only kill two orcs.
The four turn priority goes to good again, they try to capitalise by engaging numbers of orcs, the remainder of orcs also participate in other fights. The elf archers fail to kill a stray orc. The fights are more encouraging for the elves, removing two more orcs and wounding the orc captain. the orcs respond with three elves falling to their blades. A small glimmer of hope, a single elf repels Grishnakh and three other orcs.
The priority returns to evil for the fifth turn, with no hesitation all elves are attacked by some orc. The elves lose three of their comrades, two by the orc captain. Only 2 orcs were killed in return. Some bigger fortune was the elven survivor from the previous turn, repelled Grishnakh and his minions once again.
The elven force was broken, meaning the end of the game. The orcs got their two objectives from behind the walls. The well was, well fought over, but the orcs had eight within 3", against the five of the elves. Then the two captain's objective had both two models from either team meaning...
The orcs getting another objective. Hope remained for the elves, with the smaller battle in the north?
The elves had scavenged enough to get a single point.
The final score being. Orcs = 4(obj) +1(breaking enemy force) = 5
                                 Elves = 1(obj)                                        = 1
giving a final score of 5-1.

Also notable occasions, Orcs get an award for Tactician for their strategic manoeuvre (1pt)
And the elves get Bold move and Blessed by the valar both for the spearman(elf) against Grishnakh and the minions (5pts)

The next battle should be up within the next 28hrs.


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