Friday, 8 July 2011

SBG tournament 1st round

High King army Vs Minas Morgul
The game is played until one force breaks. Then who ever has most models within 3" of each objective wins the objective(there are five). The player with the most amount of objectives wins.

The armies deploy touching the board edge the orcs far outnumbering the men of Numenor. The orcs, with priority, rush towards their objectives closely followed by the men, the Orc Captain speeds between the gap in the wall sections.

Good had priority for the second turn however, both the Orc Captain and Elendil press for a heroic move, the orc wins the battle and charges Elendil cancelling his move. orcs pour over the walls in response to the manoeuvre, and the men of Numenor rush to steal the objective from them, also the captain and two men move to block the orcs from nearing the well objective. 
Elendil attempts to remove his obstruction by performing a heroic combat, however his first combat he losses badly, and the charging captain successfully wounds him three times, with the help of a might point. Unfortunately for Elendil his fate roll was a 1, and the orc captain got a bargain for his two might points. The Numenorians only manage to kill two orcs in return.

Evil gloriously receive priority on the third turn, and orcs engage the beleaguered men, who can only helplessly defend themselves. 

Six Numenorians are killed to the orc blades to a single orc. Good has been broken, the forces retreat back to their camps with their objectives.
After a very short game who gain the most objectives? Evil gained 4 objectives, could good could salvage some small pride, and get the remaining objective? and...
Yes! The final score was 4 -1 to the orcs, but the men were broken (+1 to the orcs) and there hero(Elendil) was killed(+1 to the orcs), so that makes 6-1.

The Rivendell Vs Moria w/Nazgul ally will be posted soon.


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