Saturday, 9 July 2011

SBG tournament 1st round Rivendell vs Moria(+Nazgul)

Rivendell Vs Moria(+Nazgul)
The teams deploy as normal.
Good moves first and directs the archers between the wall sections, whilst the rest of the troops move hastily towards the free objectives.
The ringwraith moves behind the goblin shield wall afraid of the elven bowfire having no fate points. As you can see the elven bows claimed four goblins lives.

for the second turn good get priority, with it elves vault over the walls and their archers move slowly forwards. the goblins respond by charging individuals, the ringwraith gets smart by compelling the elven captain into the firing line, the captain however outscores him.
the ringwraith's efforts had been in vain, as only 2 arrows hit their targets and no wounds at all. the fights were more fruitful, when the goblins kill two elves to a single goblin.
Evil move first this turn, the ringwraith launches a diabolic dart at an elf, this fails to pierce  the heavy armour. (he had used 2 will and a might point), the cave troll launches into combat, and the goblins attempt to choke the elven resistance before it can begin. The elven captain boldly charges into Durburz.
Both the goblin king and the captain call heroic combats, but the captain goes first. During the first combat the captain (with spear support) causes two wounds, one is saved by fate. The captain charges the king again, but the king fails to equalise, so moves to his combat with an elven spearman (spearelf?), where the elf won but rolled a one. Elsewhere 4 goblins are killed, and two elves fall to the troll club. the ringwraith also couldn't kill his opponent despite winning.
Good claims the fourth turn priority, where three archers assemble behind a wall, the captain tries to deal with the kill, and the other elves move into the remaining minions and the ringwraith.
The archers manage to kill a goblin in the shoot phase. The fight phase was more eventful, the king performs a heroic combat, fortunately he survives the first but is beheaded by two elves in the second combat. The ringwraith is unsuccessful yet again killing the elf, around the rest of the battle two more goblins fall, and four elves are also killed.
Meaning that the goblin force is broken, and the end of the game.

The objective totals are added. Elves got three and the goblins took one. also the goblin king was killed(+1 to the elves) and the goblins were broken(+1 to the elves), making a 5-1 victory to the elves.

The second round games will be posted soon after they have been played


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