Monday, 11 July 2011

SBG tournament 2nd round High king vs Moria(+Nazgul ally)

High king vs Moria(+Nazgul ally)
Setup as normal.
The first turn priority goes to evil, but all troops move their maximum distance.
Good get priority in the second turn, where Elendil and those nearby move into a defensive formation of sort. This makes Durburz and his goblins have to trek around/across the rocks.
In the fights the cave troll kills both his opponents, and jumps over the wall in the Numenorian's places. in return a goblin is killed by the captain, the ringwraith cast compel on a warrior to increase the goblins chance of winning and wounding, but it made no difference, since no wounds were caused either way.
Turn three  priority went to good, it took two Numenorians to charge the wraith, one failed their courage test. The two men by the well continue to hold the Moria hordes at bay, a man sacrifices himself to the troll.
1 goblin is killed by the captain to two men, one from the troll another trying to stem the tides of goblin warriors.
Turn four sees evil moving first, Elendil and Durburz contest for a heroic move, Elendil wins and charges the ringwraith before it can cause damage, other men sacrifice themselves to his cause. elsewhere the troll engages the captain who is now attacked on both sides of the wall. Elendil Has a heroic combat for free, but has to use another might point to win his first battle, then strategically moves into the troll, pulling the captain from harms way. he then only manages to wound the troll. The men of Numenor survive another round of goblin attacks. Two more goblins fall, one by the captain, who manages to kill a goblin on the opposite side of the wall.
Priority goes to good on the fifth turn. Durburz decides to move first though and the ringwraith within 6" transfixes Elendil, however he resists successfully, despite using up his remaining might and will points(1 and 3). Two brave men are swarmed, and the wraith puts two goblins in-front of him. The captain sees through this, and charges the goblins. Elendil charges the troll again, two men kill the last goblin on the eastern side of the wall.
Both the captain and Elendil perform heroic combats, Elendil's goes neither the troll's or his way, both score no wounds. the captain however kills a goblin with his remaining might point and breaks towards the wraith. He loses heart at first, but  goes into a melee the second turn(he failed the first courage test but, used a will point and charged him the second time). With double the dice to roll the captain wins, though he couldn't wound the spirit. The two brave men finally fall to the mass of goblins on them, another goblin is killed behind the wall.
The high king's forces are broken. With the end of the game, which army gathered more objectives?
The goblins managed two on the southern edges.
And the high king also managed  two objectives in the north.

The well fought over well goes to
Evil. the men only managed to get the captain within 3" of it, whereas the goblin force got six models, a clear goblin objective.

The final scores are:
Goblins = 3 + 1(breaking enemy army)
High king = 2
So a 4-2 victory for evil!

The third round will be posted soon.


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