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Battle company tourney Forces and Rules

Battle company tourney

All of the companies are taken roughly as-received from the original rules, a couple have been modified so that the sides fall within the 33% archers regulation.

All companies will elect a leader, that is promoted to hero status and gains +1 might, will and fate.

- Rohan company: Lead by Eogar

- Isengard company: Lead by Gazlur

- Harad company: Lead by Adaan

- Gondor company: Lead by Ingold

- Moria company: Lead by Radmuz

Standard battle companies rules apply, with exception that:

- Any company may not play rescue missions for injured hero members that roll a 3 on the injury chart, they are considered dead (as if they had rolled a 2).
- No company may have more members than their starting amount, therefore members of the existing party must be killed or retired before new members can be acquired.
- Members that would otherwise miss the next turn due to their injuries simply miss the next battle. 
-To clarify for this tournament: Companies receive 2 influence per battle they are involved in, they gain 1 influence if the result of the battle result is a draw, 2 for a minor victory and 3 for a major victory.
- Influence may be used to purchase equipment for members of the battle company or to modify rolls made on hero/warrior injury and warrior promotion tables (1 influence is equivalent to a single re-roll).
- Alternatively, a company may use a single influence point per battle to re-roll one of their own priority rolls.

ArmourBane - If a company's leader deals the killing blow to the enemy leader then their killing weapon gains +1 on the to-wound roll (This is cumulative with weapons that already have bonuses, eg. two-handed weapons and lances).

Marksmanship - If a ranged company member kills/injures an opponent with their first shot of the battle, this member automatically and permanently gains a ranged fight value of 2+.

Total domination - If a company completely kills/injures all enemy participants, or captures all objectives in a battle, then they may acquire a banner (which can be carried by a friendly warrior) for use in all subsequent battles.

How to win?
The victor of each battle will be decided by the battles objectives (as per LOME rules). Each company will be given points for each of the following:
- Breaking an enemy force (3)
- Killing an enemy leader outright (2)
- Achieving major victory conditions (3)
Achieving minor victory conditions (2)
Achieving draw conditions (1)
- Achieving victory conditions in the final battle (4)

After each company has fought all other companies they will face each other in the final big battle. A battle company may gain the advantages for this final battle by achieving the following:
  • Remain undefeated as a company - All members gain +1 courage and +1 fight values (even though this may take them above their maximum allowed values).
  • Have no injured party members after the company's final round of fighting - This company gains a weapons stash objective for use in the final battle. It may be deployed along with the rest of the battle company in this battle, provided there is enough room to do so. If multiple companies achieve this, then control of the weapons stash is given to whichever company has more models within 6''/14cm of the objective.
A member of the company that controls the weapon stash may wield any of the following items of wargear provided they are within 3''/8cm of the objective 
- Shield
- Heavy armour
- Spear
- Pike
- Lance (must be on horseback to use this)
- Bow, crossbow or throwing weapons (provided the company member has a ranged fight characteristic that is not - )
- Two handed weapons eg. axes
Heroes and warriors using the objective in this manner must declare what items are being used by whom at the end phase of the turn, such that they can be used in the next turn.

After the final battle, the companies will be ranked in terms of the most points obtained, the company with the highest is the winner. However if two sides still are level, then the company with the highest accrued experience of all the hero members (dead or alive) will take precedence.

Battle order:

Round 1 - Harad vs Rohan (Reconnoitre) , Moria vs Isengard (Domination)

Round 2 - Gondor vs Harad (To The Death!) , Rohan vs Moria (Ill Met by Moonlight)

Round 3 - Rohan vs Isengard (Storm the Camp) , Gondor vs Moria (Reconnoitre)

Round 4 - Moria vs Harad (To Kill a King) , Isengard vs Gondor (Storm the Camp)

Round 5 - Gondor vs Rohan (Meeting Engagement) , Isengard vs Harad (Contest of Champions)

Final battle (To be revealed)(All companies)

Hopefully this sets the scene for the battles to come and something to look forward to.

Until then


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