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Battle companies tournament - Round 2 Part I

Moria Vs Rohan (Ill Met by Moonlight)

After an unco-ordinated first round to forget, the Rohirrim move on to the second round with a warrior and rider of Rohan missing through injury. Meanwhile the goblins are only missing one goblin. Further one of their archers has a fight value of 2/2+ (always good) and more to the point they have the advantage of numbers. 

But in this scenario, archers cannot shot over 12''/28cm so archery may be pointless as enemies can simply evade where necessary - This promises to be a more melee-centred battle, which is still in the favour of the goblins.

The goblins hold a line, while the Rohirrim split.
Then they move behind hedge and tree to the annoyance 
of the goblin archers!
The goblins move a step too close to the gap and spears fly through 
splicing into two goblins leaving them howling on the ground.
The goblins archers move again and a section of the goblin company 
flanks slowly through the forest as the rohirrim warriors attack again!
With the Rohirrim taking a casualty, both sides then retreat with
Eogar falling behind the hedge.
The other Rohan warriors can't see the goblins coming through the 
forest, but can prevent them coming through it.
The goblin archers have had enough and charge through the gap, 
while the other goblins move to the forest.
Radmuz swings his tiny blade in furious arcs, and cuts the thighs of a 
bowman, leaving him kneeling on the floor.
He then orders another charge into the outnumbered Rohan warriors.
Meanwhile at the gap, one warrior launches his spear in the face of an
archer and pommels the one next to it unconscious. Eogar fares less well
 as the archer draws blood from his chest, but the hero stands his ground!
The two other warriors retreat towards their hero, trapping a lone archer.
Eogar then gets his revenge on the goblin archer!
Eogar calls the Rohirrim to form up and brace for the goblins.
After a brief and uneventful exchange of spears the sides clash!
Both sides are pushed back, although one goblin manages to pierce a 
Rohirrim in the calf, bringing him down and breaking the Rohan company!
Radmuz then calls his minions to charge, seeing the advantage, 
and they swam them! 
The shear weight of goblin attacks forces two Rohan warriors to succumb,
while Eogar holds off the goblin hero.
He then Musters his courage and falls back and hopes to injury 
a couple of goblins from afar...
But his courage is limited, and Eogar flees the field!
Thus with the Rohan forces injured or routed the goblins claim a major victory!

Rohan gain no points and 2 influence. Moria gain 6 points and 5 influence.

Rohan – Two warriors recover, while two will miss the next battle and one warrior dies from his injuries. One of the warriors promoted to a Rohan royal guard, so Eogar calls for him to be his bodyguard.

Rohan use 3 influence to roll on the reinforcement table, however there is no effect and they gain no new recruits.

Moria – Two goblins recover, two will miss the next battle, one dies. Meanwhile one goblin becomes promoted to a hero.

The Rohirrim fought so well, they had a decent battle plan, the goblins were forced through bottlenecks, where their numbers counted little and used their throwing spears more effectively than the goblins used their bows..

But after the goblins broke through, the Rohirrim failed to get the kill that would break the Goblin company, which firstly gets points they need, and secondly would have made finishing them off easier such they they could have fought them while they had to do courage tests. 

Instead they only get experience for warriors and a small amount of influence points...

This leaves the overall table like:

Company  Battles  Inf. pts EXP (H)
Moria 2 9 11 4
Harad 1 5 6 4
Rohan 2 1 0 4
Isengard 1 2 0 1
Gondor 0 0 0 0

The Goblins hop the Haradrim and steal first place, meanwhile the Rohirrim manage to overtake Isengard on experience only, but they have battle in hand they are likely to overtake them. 

After two battles a getting no points the Rohirrim are quite out of the picture at the moment, unless they can force two victories against Isengard and Gondor, and further other battles go in their favour they are unlikely to become winner in this tournament.

Moria however stand a good chance, with only two victories from two and two battles left, it seems likely that they'll at least get one win bringing them to around 16-17 pts which is going to be difficult to beat, but with Gondor still yet to face any company, and Harad within range of overtaking them, it's still all disputed at the moment.

Next up is Gondor vs Harad in To the death!

Until then


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