Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summer plan: Enter stage right

After a year i'm glad to put behind me, it's back to SBG!

Like most other summers I plan to do a lot, and get around to about 40-60% of it.
But this time my objectives are far more realistic......I hope.

So I'm thinking of painting some orcs warriors, morannon orc warriors, maybe a couple of heroes, do some basing, fight through a another set of battles and maybe fixing a bunch of models, and perhaps something else.

Anyways, one of those things is a tournament, which I'm currently planning. I've got five companies all from various regions. The plan is for each side to fight each other once, with warriors and heroes being upgraded in the process, and maybe they'll be some special wargear/ items/ rules for heroes and other members to use, with it ending in one big fight between all five companies! 

At some point I'll put up the special rules and how the winner will be decided.

Until then


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