Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Battle companies tournament - Round 1

This tournament consists of five rounds, two battles will take place in each. These will decide the initial points values of each company and any special advantages that they have in the final battle.

The first two up are:

Harad Vs Rohan (Reconnoitre)

Archers from either side take up positions as the 
forces move closer together.
More moving closer, both the Haradrim and Rohirrim send out flankers
In the hope of gaining points early on. Arrows fly, and hit nothing.
The Rohirrim fan out to prevent any infiltration, but the Haradrim 
concentrate on single enemies.
Which means that two Harad warriors cut up two warriors of Rohan.
So the Rohirrim charge into the main line, and send more men 
to flank on the right.
And the Rohirrim get the better of the melee, with their bowmen 
bringing down one Hardrim each. But Abaan manages to pierce 
the thigh of a nearby Rohan warrior in return.
Abaan then holds up Eogar and a warrior to allow two other 
Haradrim to break through the 'line'.
One of the Haradrim manages to infiltrate the enemy lines! Abaan then 
parries Eogar's weak attacks and slices his chest, also the warrior next 
to him injuries a bowman. This breaks the Rohirrim forces!
With one Rohan warrior close to infiltrating enemy lines, another Haradrim
manages to do so too. But the last remaining bowman loses his 
nerves and flees! This reduces the Rohirrim below 25%!
And so this gives the Haradrim a major victory (by a margin of 2-0)!

For this they gain 6 points (breaking the enemy force and achieving a major victory) and get 5 influence, the Rohirrim get 2 influence but no points.

Harad - Both injured spearmen will miss the next battle. No members are promoted.

Rohan - Eogar and two other warriors recover, two will miss the next battle. One of the injured archers is promoted to a rider of rohan.

Moria Vs Isengard (Domination)

Capture three objectives for a minor victory, four for a major victory, if two or less are captured then it's a draw.

The uruk-hai split to defend two objectives, while the 
goblins go on the offensive.
The goblin archers prepare their first volley, one pierces the neck of an 
uruk which gives the goblin a huge amount of confidence 
(He gains Marksmanship).
The uruks then retreat from the gap to try and defend the hedges on 
either side. Meanwhile the goblins flank and secure an objective.
Gazlur and an uruk assail the goblins on the left. meanwhile the goblins 
on the right flank the uruks as they try to counter flank them.
Gazlur's support falls to a goblin spear.
The uruks however manage to entrap the goblins here!
Gazlur is caught against four very unhappy goblins that manage to
wound the hero, but he continues to fight on.
But his other warriors seem to have a handle on the other goblins.
As the uruks then surround two goblins, two archers move to support
 them, but one of them takes a fall over the wall...
Meanwhile more underdog fighting from Gazlur.
Gazlur eventually succumbs, and so does another goblin. But with the
uruks broken and the still cutting down goblins in their 
numbers both sides decide this is enough!
So as the battle ends, the goblins take three of the objectives compared to the Uruks zero, this gives them a minor victory!

For this they get 5 points and 4 influence, while Isengard get no points and 2 influence.

Moria - Of the four injured warriors, three revover and one will miss the next battle. There are no promotions, but one goblin archer gains marksmanship (so gets a 2+ to hit fight value).

Isengard - Of their three injured, two recover and one misses the next battle. There are no promotions otherwise.

This makes the overall table look like:

Company  Battles  Inf. Pts  EXP(H) 
Harad 1 5 6 4
Moria 1 4 5 2
Isengard 1 2 0 1
Rohan 1 2 0 1
Gondor 0 0 0 0

The Rohirrim approached the Reconnoitre scenario completely wrong, either: You concentrate on infiltrating and leave minimal warriors to hinder the enemy's infiltration, or concentrate on breaking the enemy and then infiltrate before reducing the enemy to 25%. They did neither really...

Whereas in the other battle, the Uruk-hai didn't really have a battle plan so tried to defend the gap in the hedges, but the line of goblin archers (even though goblins) would have reduced them too quickly, so they had to split and try to claim another objective, but got really unlucky rolls...

It's still early doors, but the influence, experience and injuries gained by members in the first couple of battles will shape the fortunes of each company in the coming rounds and the final battle.

Next up is Gondor Vs Harad and Rohan vs Moria...

Until then


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