Monday, 29 August 2016

Battle companies tournament - Round 2 Part II

Harad Vs Gondor (To The Death!)

After the first round of fighting the Haradrim took some easy points of a disorganised Rohan company. However their next battle is tougher as they face a Fresh-faced Gondor company, to make matters more difficult, aside from the difference in armour, they are missing two spearmen through injuries, which puts them at 7 members to the Gondorians 8.

The Haradrim archers fire at the Gondorians to little effect...
The Gondorians charge over the wall eager to fight the Haradrim.
Although one of them manages to injure an archer, Abaan rushes 
into the nearest spearman and stabs him deeply in the thigh.
Ingold orders his men back behind the wall as the Haradrim attack again.
Meanwhile two Gondorian bowmen have been flanking and loose their 
arrows; with one finding the throat of a Haradrim spearman.
The attack continues, as does the flanking of the Gondorian archers.
Another Haradrim archer is injured in the melee, with the rest of 
their attacks bouncing harmlessly off the wall.
The Gondorians prepare again, but Abaan concentrates his assault.
This assault fails again and as the Gondorian archers try to trap the 
Haradrim against the wall they charge them!
And manage to stab and slice up the archers badly...
However Ingold and co. catch up with the Haradrim.
Abaan is caught off guard and a Gondorian punches a hole in his armour.
With their leader gone two Haradrim spearmen flee under pressure!
The last Haradrim backs away from the pointy weapons.
But eventually the Gondorians bring him down...
With the Haradrim removed from the field the Gondorians are victorious!

Gondor gain 6 points and 5 influence. Harad gain no points and 2 influence.

Gondor – Both bowmen will miss the next battle and the other injured spearman recovers. One warrior is promoted to a citadel guard (+1fate), no other promotions.

Harad – Adaan and on bowman recover, two bowmen and a spearmen die from their wounds. Adaan gains +1 courage. Otherwise there are no other promotions.

The Haradrim use 6 influence for two rolls on the reinforcement table - And they gain one warrior of Harad with dagger.

The Haradrim tried to go out all guns blazing but couldn't sustain the attack on the wall without significant losses as the Gondorians had heavy armour, shields and a barrier in the way, they got lucky injuring two archers, but they might've achieved a draw if they had broken the Gondorian company and forced the battle also into a battle of courage tests...

This means that the overall table is as follows:

Company  Battles Inf. pts EXP (H)
Moria 2 9 11 4
Harad 2 0 6 6
Gondor 1 4 6 2
Rohan 2 1 0 4
Isengard 1 2 0 1

The Haradrim retain second place, but only due to the amount of experience gained by Abaan, while Gondor leapfrog both Rohan and Isengard companies.

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