Friday, 13 December 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 15 end

Previously this turn:
Haldran, Oira and Io re-took the Captain's hill, disbanding the goblin army and forcing Vashner towards the Anduin
Mainz defeated Rathin at the cost of his life
Dengond and Aerun pushed Morge back into Cirth Ungol
Luthyre and Nethar secured Cair Andros, killing Keresk and Corgoth 
The riders of Rohan dispatched the rogue warband they faced

This turn had a huge body count a total of 16, a General, a captain, two Lieutenants, five corporals, and seven other fatalities.

Good Evil
Capital 300 400
Settlements 1000 600
Battles 1450 20
Other -30 -40
Supplies -132 -71
Expenses -500 -2000
Total 2088 -1091

Giving the final totals at 12261R and 1609R

The lieutenants and corporals met in Minas Tirith regarding the loss of their General.
"So tell me. What is our next move?" Asked the steward. 
None could muster the courage to respond. 
"Our Mainz has gained more than any of you upon this table!" He looked a several particular individuals at this point. "I must entrust the leadership of the Gondorian armies to one of you. I know your faults and your strengths yet, few overweight the latter." He paused, "It shall follow as such, Luthyre will command my men as their General." There were mutters and all-round agreeing, He had slain may an orc, and even commanded victories at key battles. "And Thuralion shall be his second in command." 
Uproar arose surrounding the table. Haldran, Dengond and Aerun would have been more eligible candidates, who had fought in a significant number of battles, but Thuralion was simply had lived off Mainz' success.
"SILENCE!" Bellowed the Steward. "We sit weakened men, although glorified in victories, the strands of justice are falling from our ropes and joining the enemy's. Do not make me regret this decision!"

"So the Dark lord is graced with this presence?" He said in third person. "You attacked together, and lose the battles?" He was right, all battles had gone awry. Morge was the only leader in a good position. "You scum are fortunate that one amongst you has done one thing right. Yes Rathin." A chill fell through the hearts of the Lieutenants as they realised, the dark lord was smiling. Morge dared to dart a look at him, luckily it was brief and the dark lord was forgiving in this mood. "The only one to remove a huge obstacle in our plans, and he lead them on wonderfully! So you shall be rewarded as second in command, do not test my decision!" He then warned

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