Sunday, 6 October 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 15 other battles

Riders of Rohan Vs rogue Mordor (control)


An orc takes a head-shot from the rider
both sides closing in on the objectives
Looking outnumbered here, and the riders engage by the house
where a throwing spear claims another orc
Two orcs downed
The riders here trampled any orc resistance
Giving the riders of Rohan a major victory 6-0 and 400R!
The riders claimed 4 objectives to the orc's 0, +1 for breaking the orcs, +1 for having no friendly models killed or injured

The captain called of the attack as several orcs fled into the wilderness, he then trotted up to a circle of his men, they had captured the rogue orc captain.
"Tell me scum!" Taunted the Rohan captain. "What causes you to suckle at the underbelly of Gondor uninvited?" The captain didn't actually care, he was just looking for a reason to kill this orc, and find out any information he might have.
"Straw-head! The dark lord will have your guts!"
"Of that I doubt, his armies are disbanded!" He dismounted and kicked the orc, who writhed in pain. 
"Beware horse-tamer! I am not his vassal, his armies may disband, but his intent remains the same. He has only struck out once, but you are confident he has lost!" 
And an eerie wind flee upon the riders, none could respond to such darkness. The orc used this opening to give a loud laugh, at which two riders had to steady their horses.
"You lose heart man-filth! The loss of your precious General is your downfall!" The orc bellowed. The Rohan captain drew his sword and stabbed the orc in the throat.
"It was just wind men!" He re-assured them, but he knew that their spirits had been dampened, more than enough....

Until then


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