Thursday, 19 December 2013

Face-off 2013 Team photos and analysis

Last time this took place was nearly a year and a half ago...
I don't know how much anyone liked it, simply from looking at the views, the starting interest died off.

But more on that afterwards. Roughly the same as last time 
  • 150pt teams
  • No more than 15 participants in favour of the GW warband rules, which I still don't own
  • One hero who can be generic, unlike last time
The teams I drew this time are:

Theoden's Host

This time Erkenbrand will lead the Rohirrim, due to his horn and value per points. Instead of Royal guard which won't normally get to utilise their bodyguard rule, I chose 11 warriors 4 of whom have throwing spears.
Compared to last year this looks like a much stronger force, Theodred, who had huge attacking potential but susceptible to wounding, is replaced by Erkenbrand, the same hero but with a horn and a fate point, could make a vital difference in the initial battle.

The Easterlings

No Amdur, as the Southrons lacked numbers last time. A captain shall go instead with 12 Easterlings, 9 shields, 2 with spears, 3 with bows
Being the second largest force, and the majority having defence 6, they are one of the favourites, however poor attacking capabilities and Leader strength will mean they may not be able to use this advantage

Cirith Ungol

Gorbag takes command now, giving another 10pts to spend. 13 normal orcs accompany him, 2 with hand weapons, 4 shields, 4 spears, 2 bows, and a banner bearer hopefully to make up for the orcs' rubbish fighting.
Gorbag and the banner will have to be fully utilised as the poor quality of warriors will not grant them any favours.


The dwarf king is replaced by a captain with shield and throwing axes. This means an extra dwarf is present, five have shields, and three bows.
The dwarves have always been strong competitors, high defence and courage should prevent any easy victory over them, as long as their legs can keep up.

The Fiefdoms

Taking the Gondorians place in the battles is Duinhur, a good shot, and fighter, however lack courage, which may not be too important this time around. He is supported by 6 knights of Dol Amroth and 4 Clansmen of Lamedon, plenty of skill but not numbers.
Technically breaks the warband rule, [citation needed] however my model constraints overrule this.


The elves make the others look over-numbered. An Elven captain with heavy armour (Half painted Elrond model) who brings 7 others, 3 shields+spears, 2 bows and 2 blades.
This force could have been slightly larger but only having a lightly armoured hero isn't a way to win any battle.

Isengard Raiders

Lurtz leads a pack of 10, 7 with shields, 3 with bows. Flexible in constitution, good fighters, and killers, but weak against arrows.
Probably the strongest force of them all, Lurtz is flexible in his ability to use a bow an still fight well, but lacks a strong defence to stand up to much greater heroes such as the troll or the Elven captain.


A goblin captain with shield replaces Durburz, and a troll takes up the place of the prowlers and a couple of goblins.
the troll was added to spice up the battles between individual heroes, as they can be one-sided from the start. 
This is a do-or-die situation for the goblins, as a smaller contingent of goblin minions means that they could quickly succumb to larger numbers.

On paper Lurtz' force and the dwarves look to be the favourites, however the order of battles is just as important, and it goes like so:

Erebor Vs Rivendell (The high ground)

Cirith Ungol Vs The fiefdoms (Storm the camp)

Moria Vs Theoden's Host (Take and Hold)

Isengard Raiders Vs the Easterlings (Seize the prize)

And so the winners will face the winners from the battle above or below, first up Erebor Vs Elves which could be interesting?

Until then


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