Saturday, 21 December 2013

Face-off 2013 1st round Erebor Vs Rivendell

The dwarves are favourites with better numbers, defence and more bows. the elves have better fighting skill, longer ranged bows, greater move rate and the ability to support with spears. The dwarves need to get to the hill which could be a challenge, as last time they faced this scenario the Haradrim beat them.

Erebor Vs Rivendell (The High Ground)


Both sides approach the hill
And ascend it's slope

The dwarf archers volley, arrowing an elf in the chest. The elves fail to respond
The elves try to play it smart,
however the dwarf captain attacks his opposite number with support
And two dwarves move to flank the elf line
The high Elf cast the dwarf attacks aside and pierces the dwarf mail
The elves look outnumbered, yet charge into the dwarf ranks
Preparing to fire, fires and fails to hit...
The Elf captain dodges the dwarf's attack and pokes him in the eye-hole,
leaving him prone on the floor.
The elves beside manage to spear a dwarf in the throat.
The dwarves swarm the elves
And neither sides proves to be the victor
The elf captain charges into the fray,
with his support seem to be gaining the upper hand elsewhere
The Captain splicing another dwarf
Same again but with one fewer dwarves
And the Captain downs the second to last dwarf archer
The elf archers punch the shield-dwarf to death
It's now a clean-up operation, on turn 9
The dwarf succumbs despite his high defence
This dwarf has seen enough
And the fate of these two seems sealed
And the dwarves are eradicated from the board, in a total massacre
Giving the Elves a major victory!(18-4)

Rivendell =10pts(winning scenario)+5pts(breaking the dwarves)+3pts(Killing dwarf captain)=18
Erebor     =4pts(losing scenario)=4

A thoroughly surprising game, as I thought the dwarves would be dominant throughout. the elven fighting skill proved more influential to the outcome. 
Next up is Cirith Ungol against The Fiefdoms in Storm the camp.

Until then


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