Sunday, 15 December 2013

Coming home

Well I've been away for too long, not long enough though. 
As the stats show that November gathered 2100 views, a record amount considering no posts were made...

So if you viewed here intentionally or by accident, I thank you!

Regarding Gondor in Flames,  I must personally apologise for the late posting of the fifteenth turn end, I managed to leave a single picture on my home computer * slapface *.
I'm also afraid That's all folks, there is not enough time over the Xmas Hol's to complete five turns, but in fact if I did continue I would finish after Easter break and give you audience a very unstructured end to Gondor in Flames.
Which you probably wouldn't prefer.

So concluding Gondor in flames, I will put up a list of the key participants with their profiles and even my nominations plus my awards under various categories (I just thought this up) as follows:

Best performance 
- Lieutenant
- Corporal
- Hero

Most shocking
- Kill
- Dice roll
- moment

Best battle

Can't think of any more, hope this will suffice?

On another note, my next few posts with contain the second face-off tournament.

This time it features:

The Fiefdoms 
Theoden's host 
Cirth Ungol
Dwarves of Erebor
The Easterlings
Isengard raiders

Next time I do one of these, I'll do a group stage, What do you think?

Until then


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