Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 8

Previously the goblin horde attacked Osgiliath only to be repulsed by Aerun and Dengond. In the north Grash's company took a beating, leaving Grash dead on the battle-field and Anersk in charge.

The Gondorians gain priority and gather a very respectful 1200R, even the Mordorians gather 1000R.

Aerun orders two new recruits, however they find none, so he orders his men out again and they manage to find a Knight of Dol Amroth (Theorn), and a Citadel guardsman (Bereov). They set out for Minas Morgul, since Dengond promised to defend Osgiliath.
In the south a clansman of Lamedon (Sanas) is trained at Pelargir, he is sent to Mainz's company.
Further north Nethar calls up a company of riders to claim the Anorien settlement, lead by Lieutenant Haldran.
Nethar purchases the service of two peasants before setting of northwards. 

Seeing Mainz approaching the north Harnen settlement a troop of Haradrim is bought, lead by Lieutenant Rathin.

Aerun manages One hex towards Minas Morgul before having to rest. Haldran's company manage one hex before they encounter a troop of rogue orcs.

Haldran's company gain 400R from their win, also one corporal gains +1 courage, and the other an extra attack, the injured rider will have to miss any battles from the next turn.

Mainz doesn't manage any hexes thanks to his new recruit. Nethar's company march northwards and actually reach the Entwash settlement, where exhaustion and euphoria emit from his men.

The Mordorians seize their opportunity, Aerun's company is resting at the crossroads, the Goblin horde and Morge form an attack force against them, blood will be spilt..... 

Gondor achieve their fourth victory, and gain 200R for it. Morge gains +1 courage and the goblin horde lose one more of their number. Aerun gain's +1 strength his two corporal's gain +1 fight and +1 might, a bowman and a swordsman are promoted.

More eastwards Vashner sets out for Minas Morgul and reaches it. The peasants there take up their arms.

The peasants are victorious gaining 400R for this Major victory, one peasant chooses to lead them should they be attacked again, Captain Bestri. The steward honours his leadership by granting him heavy armour and a shield. 

Good Evil
Capital 300 400
Settlements 900 600
Battles 1000 0
Other -80 30
Supplies -68 -79
Expenses -2300 -1000
Total -248 -49

Mordor have suffered their fourth defeat, soon Gondor will all gain courage amongst themselves. the goblin army and Morge have to take a settlement or they will slowly loss numbers, until Dengond or Aerun can rout them and force them behind the mountains of shadow. 
Mainz in the south faces a huge decision, attack north Harnen or wait for more reinforcements before attacking.
In the north Haldran or Nethar must return to the Druadan settlement before Anersk decides to attack it.

Until then


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