Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 8 other battles

Haldran Vs rogue Mordorians (breakthrough)

Orcs using their brains for once
Closing in
One orc down
The archers fan outwards hoping to outflank
Outnumbering on the plain and holding the orcs on the hill
Well, that was easy
I think my dice may be rigged?
Haldran coming to aid
The orcs shooting, looking for an advantage over the horse-men
The poor orc
More Manoeuvring
One more killed two to go
The orc archer fires true, wounding the rider
Enraged by their friends death, the riders charge the orcs
Their rage pays off, granting Haldran's company a win 
One corporal gains +1 attack, while the other gains +1 courage. Also the company gains 400R from this Major victory.

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