Friday, 15 March 2013

Second Siege of Minas Morgul

Siege roll: 2
Roll on scenario chart: 7

Peasants Vs Vashner (Silence the Artillery)

Vashner couldn't believe his luck. Morge and the goblin captain were west attacking the stranded Lieutenant Aerun, who was supposed to have been residing at Minas Morgul.

Leaving it exposed to attack, he had simply marched his orcs up to the gates and now, Minas Morgul could be claimed!
Vashner had set up a stolen bolt thrower to barrage the gate, it wouldn't break through it, but it would prevent any of the defenders leaving. Of who there were only half a dozen, and even if they all managed to avoid the bolt thrower would be against twice their own number, he smiled through his mangled mouth.
Dengond had fought too hard to protect the city, taking it was too easy....


Six guards patrolling to evade
Moving forward cautiously
Holding for now
The peasants split to double their chances
Sneaking through
So close, failing to get priority could spell the end
Still trying to get past the first guard

This one's out of the way for now, thanks to a good priority
The guard falls asleep! Allowing them to hasten to the engine
Not only is the engine dissembled but one orc is wounded
The wounded orc did not recover thanks to his attentive friends, and the siege was broken.

When Vashner woke there were fights amongst his minions. After breaking them up he found the siege engine broken and disassembled, not only that but one of the bow-orcs was dead. Although they tolled for hours none of the orcs could re-assemble the engine. It appeared as if he would be getting a whipping from the Dark lord. The Gondorians had won, for now...

The peasants sang and drank into the night, they had nominated Bestir as their captain. He had destroyed the engine, or at least taken several of the vital cogs. The orcs would have to wait another day for their revenge.

Their celebrations were broken by a guard informing them of a warband approaching through the undergrowth, the captain ordered his drunk-addled peasants to the walls. One orc warband was  something, but if Aerun had been defeated at the crossroads, they would be unable to hold the goblin horde and two orc warbands...

Until then


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