Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 7

Plenty of stuff for this short month, the battle(s), some drawings, painting and some collecting :)
but on with the main part :

Last turn the goblin horde besieged Minas Morgul only to be repulsed by Dengond's forces.
Elsewhere, Grash and Mainz obtained Cair Andros and Pelargir respectively.

This turn Mordor gain priority and gather 800R, compared to Gondor's 700R.

Two peasants are purchased for Cair Andros. They also call up three initiates for Keresk's proposed new company, one Haradrim spearman, one serpent guardsman (Flaneen), one orc tracker on warg (Dareos), and Keresk gains the rank of Corporal.

The Gondorians purchase two peasants for the Pelargir settlement.

The goblin horde moves this time to Osgiliath, and would be supported by Morge's company if they had managed to pass their scouting roll. Similarly Vashner cannot exit Cirth Ungol for the same reason.
In the north Keresk moves one hex forward, and Grash cleaves Cair Andros only to find a sizeable rogue warband accompanying the same area.

Grash is bitterly defeated, although members of his company gained experience it is not enough to promote any of them. They return to Cair Andros in a mood, and carry two orc bodies with them, one is Grash's. 
The rest of the company try to decide who is to become the new leader, being orcs this involves punching, kicking and the drawing of blades.
Eventually the first corporal, Anersk, 'accepts' the leadership and promotes a lively archer, both gain might/will and fate points respectively. 

Mainz manages one hex in the south, Nethar in the north claims the northern settlement.
Dengond forms a cunning plan and he marches towards Osgiliath.

The battle pressed the wits and limbs of both armies until the Gondorians emerged with a minor victory over the orcs. Luthyre and five others were cut down in the battle in front of the gates, four recovered without to much difficulty, one archer from the walls however had an arrow  in his throat and passed away in the night. Dengond gains +1 strength after his tussles with the troll, +1 courage to Yaion and a citadel guard, one of the experienced archers failed his promotion again (but passed under the ranger in the company's Favour of the court rule) and gained +1 strength.

The goblin army lost two more of their number, and the captain grows angry of these successive defeats. meanwhile he retreats into the southern Ithilien forest, to prepare for another attack. A small light side is that Keresk's company coming south may distract the Gondorians and may abet to end their presence east of Osgiliath.

Good Evil
Capital 100 300
Settlements 600 500
Battles 200 0
Other 4 4
Supplies -49 -75
Expenses -100 -100
Total 755 629

Giving Gondor 1678R and Mordor 901R after this turn.

Gondor are now faced with a problem in Ithilien, the goblin army and Morge could still attack Osgiliath, and they still need to protect Minas Morgul. Also In the north they need to claim the Anorien settlement and protect Minas Tirith. Mainz still has control near north Harnen.

Mordor similarly have a problem near Ithilien, the goblin army could take control of either Osgiliath or Minas Morgul if it was not for Dengond, moreover Morge may not be able to help if they wish to attain north Harnen. In the north Anersk may have too few warriors to directly attack Nethar, Minas Tirith or even to leave Cair Andros.

Until then


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