Saturday, 19 January 2013

Siege of Minas Morgul

Dengond Vs Goblin horde

Anyway the rules for siege like encounters are (D6): 
4-6 ordinary siege
1-3 roll on scenario chart

A 5 is rolled

Dengond strode about his room in anger. How could he have been so foolish. The steward had warned him that taking Minas Morgul would result in a goblin uprising, yet he took the place absent-minded to this upcoming attack.
Fortunately he had made a few preparations after taking the stronghold, he had recruited four more warriors to his company and four more peasants to defend the walls. Was this going to be enough?
"Sir, the goblins have been spotted" came from his servant at his bedroom door.
"Ready the men then" Dengond replied. Hopefully they could force a draw or them to retreat to the southern Ithilien forest.
Dengond arrived at the gate be-side Luthyre mounted upon his horse. Luthyre was their key warrior, if the gates were breached the troll would have a tough time cutting through him, unfortunately he was gaining a lot of experience and might challenge his leadership soon. He then walked up onto the walls to command his troops where the primary combats would be, and ordered a peasant to support Luthyre at the gate.
They saw the goblins coming from miles away on the hills, they could only wait and hope that the valar would choose to save them this night.


Goblin accuracy for once
More marching
A Gondorian response
The ladders reach the walls
Goblin arrows ricochet against the wall as another falls to arrows
Scaling the ladders
5 vs 1, poor goblin, it's normally the other way around.
More goblin accuracy, but the ranger's fate point saves him.
One casualty
And another
Once again
Two of the ladders are cast down
Yaion is wounded despite the goblin being against five opponents
The goblins get cunning trying to engage the Ranger
and prevent him from shooting
The goblin captain sends two archers to assist the foothold at that wall,
one more goblin is  taken by the Gondorian archers
Combats over here, one peasant is sent to reinforce the gate
Two more goblins down
One more
And one more who takes his last fellow on the ladder
Ladders are all cast down, no goblins killed by fall though.
More gate reinforcements
The goblins flee!
.....Well a majority fled, but the goblins conceded with four goblin warriors left on the field.

Giving a major victory to the Gondorians and the first of the war. Yaion and the peasant recovered from their injuries. Luthyre gains another attack and the ranger gains Favour of the court special rule, meaning one re-roll per campaign turn on any roll.
The goblins on the other hand lost three of their number, and gave Dengond's company too much experience which may turn the tide against their favour.

Cheers and chants were set about the walls of the citadel, Dengond had earned his fame, hopefully not for the last time. This victory would earn him a standing with the steward, maybe he would not be as angry with him on his next visit.

The sun was setting as Dengond watched the goblins disappear into the distance, the crimson red sunlight almost making their armour shine. He had a feeling that this was not over and they would meet the goblins in battle again. The last goblin dipped under the western hill when his new orders arrived. He smiled, it was uncanny.

Until then


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