Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 7 other battles

Grash Vs Rogue Gondor (Take the high ground)

Closing in on the hill

Moving upon it
The sides clash
The melee properly joins
Casualties either side
The Gondorian bowmen arrive to mop up the orcs
Gondorian bows claim both orc bowmen
Another orc down in combat
The fights continue
Moving into position
Grash and a Gondorian fall
The remaining orcs lose heart and flee!
This leaves the orcs with a major defeat (4-0). 

The orcs retreat to Cair Andros carrying their wounded. The orcs 'tend' to the injured meaning Grash and one other orc are found dead in the morning, the other injured orcs manage to pull through and will be fit for the next battle.
Anersk, a corporal, forces the other corporal aside to claim the 'throne' of Lieutenant, he then promotes a bow-orc for the other corporal.

Until then


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