Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Shadow descends....

Thanks to this one:

I can't wait to start painting this one...if only I could gather some figures in need of undercoating to make it worthwhile.... hmm

I still needed  a spear-orc to make the 24
 So I converted a spare orc using a paper clip and a small piece of plastic

Altogether 23 orcs, and a total cost of under £15, which is 51% of the cost from GW (sorry),

the Shadowlord cost under £16 which is 91% of GW's cost (sorry again).

This brings my total orc force to 52 orc warriors (1 banner) 24 morannon orcs, 6 warg riders (1 banner), orc captain, Shagrat, Gorbag, Gothmog, Troll chieftain, The Witch-king, and The Shadowlord.

A few tweaks and I'll be ready for another spraying session :). 

Until then


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