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Battle of Osgiliath

Aerun had been watching the sun rise when he was informed of the oncoming goblins.
He had also been told of some reinforcements, not how many just that there were some.
The steward had told him of the importance of holding Osgiliath. A loss here would leave Minas Tirith open to attack, and their funds were being stretched as it was.

The sky was overcast when the goblins approached on the horizon, there was at least twenty of them and a troll.

Aerun reminded himself there were nine defenders, outnumbered two-to-one by the goblin's combat troops alone.
Then the arrows flew....



Bowmen on the walls take a goblin carrier
Goblin ladders reach the walls magically, other ladder reduced to
 half speed
The ladders are cast down
Three goblin ladder reaches the wall. Goblin archers wound
one of the archers
Ladders reattached
Goblins scaling them, and a defender is killed
Goblins gain a foothold on the northern wall
Only to lose another of their number
All ladders in use
Another goblin killed by it's lack of combat co-ordination
Aerun nearly killed, and one more goblin added to the wounded pile
Goblins now have a majority at the northern wall
More attacks here
The final southern goblin vanquished
Gondorian valour here
archer trying to save the southern ladder
only to be squished
Dengond's Forces arrive
Luthyre engages immediately
Cave troll takes one of the two batter points off the gate,
one more archer shot to death
Reinforcements for the northern wall
Main battle is outside the walls
Luthyre and the one-armed corporal are wounded
Dengond's forces are surrounded
Aerun and peasant join the melee outside the walls
More casualties
And here too
Goblins locked in combat
Fights are evening-up, slightly
One ranger proving his worth
Nearly all killed on the walls, breaking the goblin force
More fighting, despite being broken
With the last goblins on the walls killed the troops descend the ladder
The Gondorians wound three more to one of their own
Captain and two others lose heart
It's now a mop-up operation, with exclusion of the troll
Another down
The last remnants flee in anguish! 
A second victory for the Gondorians, admittedly things were okay before Dengond arrived. Aerun may have been able to pull off a minor victory, although the troll had success with the gate (finally), so the clincher was breaking the goblin force, and that the goblin captain would fail two courage tests. Although Aerun has lost one of his recruits, Dengond's company has gained a lot of experience, enough maybe to challenge the goblins....

Another defeat for the goblins, it seems that taking a Gondorian stronghold will require more than they thought. they have lost two more of their number, making another assault even harder. Dengond's company is a key factor, he must be dealt with quickly or the goblin force will be destroyed altogether.

Aerun and Dengond meet on the plain below the walls.
"How is this possible?" Aerun stammered. "You were guarding Minas Morgul, and yet you can to aid us? The steward will-"
"-be glad. They were his orders, I had to think twice about them. Minas Morgul only has six peasants defending them at the moment-" he concluded"-hopefully"
They bade each other farewell before they departed to their strongholds.
Aerun was left thinking "we have to hurry, the goblins will want revenge, and we must prevent it"

Until then



  1. You do realise that the goblins don't need ladders to climb the walls...

  2. I assumed they couldn't, as fortress walls would not usually be built with handholds. was discussed on:

    Which wasn't much help
    Now thinking about it, Osgiliath is kinda rubble-y and climbable, I wish I'd though about this before I finished this campaign :(


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