Friday, 28 December 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 4 Battles

Dengond Vs Rogue Gondorians (Hold the line)

First battle:

just marching till the fourth turn...

One soldier beneath Luthyre
Combats to the left
Combats on the right
Luthyre delivers another ouch
Luthyre and corporal returning to aid
An archer sacrifices for friend
Luthyre rushes to intercept the hastening Gondorian
The corporal gets a kill 
another sacrifice
not far enough from Dengond's men
Luthyre catching up with Dengond following 
no good news for Dengond
The shieldman detains Luthyre and the Gondorians
Luthyre's third kill
Dengond and co. rush to the escaping archer
And he escapes
Second battle:

The corporal and a bowman miss this battle, along with a shield Gondorian.

Luthyre attacks the left segment
And seemingly dispatches them with ease
Dengond's group attack a lone archer Luthyre is unable to engage the other
Luthyre's throwing spear takes one, while Dengond cuts down the other
Luthyre's lucky throwing spear claims the last enemy

Third battle:

One shot from the corporal
More marching

The corporal strikes again
Luthyre's throwing strike
The rogues back into a corner
Another of Luthyre's trusty spears
They back in further
almost completely surrounded  
First combat kill of the battle
Dengond claims the kill
Two wins and one loss is a minor victory

The company afterwards
Dengond defeats the rebels, so advance to Minas Morgul.

Until then


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