Monday, 31 December 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 5

Last one of the year, not as action packed as one would like, but here goes...

Previously Morge gained North Harnen, Grash left the black gate, and Vashner had set out for Cirth Ungol.
Nethar was marching for Cair Andros, Mainz was moving to Pelargir and Dengond was  at Minas Morgul.

Mordor get priority and manage to gather 400R, they purchase two peasants for the black gate and North Harnen.
Grash manages to move southwards by two uninterrupted hexes. Vashner manages better, he moves three hexes into Cirth Ungol, summoning the goblin army (captain + 24 goblins + troll). Morge manages a single hex.

Gondor gather 500R, They recruit a company at Osgiliath lead by Aerun, then take two initiate rolls for Dengond's company, which gives two warriors of Minas Tirith, one with bow, one with shield and spear, also two peasants are bought in Minas Morgul.
Mainz manages two hexes, and Nethar marches one hex, which may put Cair Andros out of their reach.

Good Evil
Capital 200 200
Settlements 300 200
Battles 0 0
Other 0 0
Supplies -41 -71
Expenses -1500 -100
Total -1041 229

Giving the overall total of Mordor at 238R and Gondor at 365R

With the goblin horde summoned, Mordor seems to control the area east of the river, only the stronghold walls may prevent a Gondorian presence there.
Mainz may easily take Pelargir unless Morge can manage three hexes with no attacks from rogue warbands.
Similarly Grash will probably take Cair Andros will Nethar too far away, and Gondor do not control the Anorien settlement, so will be unable to summon the riders of Rohan.

Until then


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