Thursday, 27 December 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 4

An unfortunate break, many thanks to my computer's power supply. The new one will have it's work cut out trying to fill it's predecessors' shoes.

Last time Dengond captured Osgiliath, Mainz gained Gondor's first victory and a northern Fief settlement. Grash gained the black gate, and Morge is yet to reach the north Harnen village.

Gondor gain the priority this turn, they purchase four peasants (two for Osgiliath and the northern fief)
Dengond moves to take Minas Morgul but is caught in-between against a rogue band of Gondorians.

Turn 4 battles

The first battle goes awry and they lose, Luthyre manages three kills, and the corporal manages another before he is wounded, and another warrior is wounded, who misses the next battle.

The second battle goes entirely in favour of the Gondorians, Luthyre manages four kills, and Dengond also gets a kill. No injuries though.

The third battle went in their favour again, Luthyre killed three, Dengond one and a plucky archer managed two, another archer was injured but made a full recovery, the corporal spearman lost part of his arm meaning he is unable to use his shield. 

Most of the company are promoted, Dengond gain +1 courage, Luthyre gains +1 courage and +1 wound, The Corporal gains +1 fight despite having one usable arm. Two are promoted to Citadel guards, one to a ranger.
Overall the company gained a Minor victory(they lost one battle), giving them 300R.

Dengond continues to Minas Morgul which is deserted and taken under their rule.
Both Nethar and Mainz only manage one hex each.
The Gondorian states gather a total of 800R.

At Barad-dur the Dark lord sees Dengond coming towards the Cirth Ungol He must send orcs to reinforce their defences he calls up a company of orcs lead by Lieutenant Vashner.
By the Black gate Grash leads the scum forward only to find they are exhausted since their stay at the gate. Keresk doesn't join them in the night, as he is now commands the gate. 

In the south Morge reaches the north Harnen settlement.
The Mordorian states gather 500R.


Thus Gondor totals 1406R, Mordor has 9R and leaving the Board like:

Next turn will probably show more. Looks like Grash and Nethar may end up battling over Cair Andros, Morge may have to assist Vashner to secure Cirth Ungol or will he pursue westwards towards Pelargir and face Mainz. 

Until then


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