Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gondor in Flames turns 1-5 analysis

Five turns gone only fifteen left.

But in the first five turns, where lucky dice rolls have huge influence:

Gondor claimed 57% of strongholds (including capitals), and 9% of all settlements.
Overall control of 39% of settlements/strongholds

Mordor however claimed 43% of all strongholds, and 18% of all settlements. 
Overall control of 39% of settlements/strongholds

which leaves 22% of southern middle-earth to be claimed.

Faction spending:

Gondor gathered 3600R total and spent 3235R.
56% was spent on new battle companies
28% on initiates
16% on supplies for warriors

Mordor gathered 2030R and spent 1792R
56% was spent on new battle companies
11% was spent on new initiates
33% was spent on supplies for warriors

Unit(s) strength
Gondor have a combined experience of 190, compared to Mordor's 248.
Whereas Gondor have 15 heroes to Mordor's 11. 
Gondor have 30 warriors and 10 peasants, to Mordor's 60 warriors and 10 peasants

In a pitched battle Mordor would probably win by their numbers

Unfortunately for the orcs this isn't pitched, but lets look at the map:

Each company pushes the region of control two hexes, and settlements/strongholds push it one hex
Gondor has control over 51 hexes, Mordor has control over 59 hexes and 12 hexes are under contest.

The analysis part, given the scenarios and battles already taken place, I thought to change the rules to companies in the same hex. If they both chose to fight only one battle has to be played, otherwise warriors could level up considerably in the space of one campaign turn.

This means more book-keeping, less fighting and pictures :( .

Other rules i'd thought of:

  • In a company if a model has equal or more experience to their leader, either they fight (with the winner becoming the new lieutenant), or the company may split (roll for models to go to either of the new companies). Note companies may not voluntarily split. 
  • If a Gondorian claims the Northern Ithilien settlement, then a troop of Easterlings(2x battle companies) can be placed at the Black gate settlement or adjacent to it.
  • If a Mordorian claims the Northern Ithilien settlement, then a group of dwarves(1x battle companies) may be placed at the Minas Tirith settlement or adjacent to it.
  • If a Lieutenant or named character dies in the campaign it's company may not move during the next turn, unless it is attacked and company members gain +1 courage and fight value for that campaign turn only.
I hope this will improve the quality of campaign play, or at least make it more interesting

Until then


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