Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 10 Beginning

Both sides seem clear to have prepared themselves for the final two battles, where either could take everything, or nothing. But are aware of the local rebels becoming unrestful due to the presence of both armies in their land. Which has subsequently, blocked trade routes, prevented farming of land, and the general migration of the peoples.

This has got to a point where the leader of the rebels has started mustering his troops. He has issued messages to either commander that both sides must leave his land or his allegiance to either of them will be dealt with by force.
Neither side is prepared to leave this land with victory so close, but could not face the army of the rebels single handed...

After a brief rest for either side from the fighting. The remaining captains, heroes and warriors have returned to their full strength, prepared to take on the enemy.

Turn 10

The dwarves however have had a small setback, as their weaponry has not be up to scratch recently, such that they receive a-1 fight penalty.

Gimli takes the initiative in the morning to order his companies upon the goblins garrison.

And Durburz follows suit in leading Greszif towards the Dwarf garrison.

To communicate with the allied companies present on the other side of the fort, both garrisons have had a pyre set ablaze outside their garrison.
They are set up such that no enemy could successful douse the flames for a long period of time without food or weapons. Unless they were to completely breach the garrison defences, or in other words, control the garrison.
But if they were able to douse the flames, it would cause confusion among their enemies which could turn the tide of the battle in their favour.

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