Saturday, 20 June 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 8 end and Turn 9

The goblins are turned from the hill and retreat to the fort in dismay!

The rebels occupying the nearby food stocks anticipate the coming of a significant portion of the Dwarven army, so leave the place unaltered. And suspiciously, a similar dozen local rebels appear on the other side of the fort at the other food stocks.

Turn 9

It seems the goblins have figured out how the dwarves maintained their weapons previously as they also manage to keep their equipment in good order.

Gimli has no second doubts on his plans and so orders the march to the southern food stocks with Hatain, seeing the local rebels dissipate from there.

Durburz also sees that his Garrison is under threat from the dwarves, but must could attack the dwarf garrison too whilst their main forces are away, so Blayser returns to the Garrison to hold it while they plan their own attack.

The local rebels in the area see the Goblin and Dwarf forces aligning themselves to deal killing blows to either campaign, so decide to stay out of either fight.

As the first cracks of sunlight spread across the hilltops, Gimli raises his guard and calls for Hatain. A few half-drunken murmurs groan from the dwarves 'trying' to wake up, but Gimli heeded no attention as he paced through the encampment. He finally reached the captain's tent, where the captain was in a hurried conversation with the messenger that had come in.
"Some news then?" Gimli asked, although he was more disappointed that the messenger hadn't already tried his tent first. The messenger then turned and left.
"Yes my Lord, but not good" Hatain replied. "Blayser has returned to the goblin garrison and the Rebel general has issued his final warning concerning the campaign." Gimli stood blankly, he was clearly waiting for the captain to continue, "The scout says he can muster enough men to overrun both goblin and dwarf forces; even if neither side takes to many casualties over the next week."
"And what does this attest?" Gimli stated. "The next few days are less important than you think." Hatain was confused. "We must simply remove the goblins from their garrison, Orin can hold our garrison with some fortune, and the rebels will not trouble us again" Gimli concluded.
But the captain knew more was on his lordship's mind than he would reveal...

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