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Battles for the Garrisons Part I

Durburz was in a good mood, the campaign was almost going to plan, if only Greszif would comply with him. The captain had got the impression that after these battles he would be promoted. This of course would never happen, there could be no competitors in the goblin king's ranks. He would not put up with it.
"Make sure your scum are up at midnight! We march after and take the Dwarf garrison before dawn!" Durburz had shouted to the captain.
"No problem, just make sure you can get up for then." Greszif had said with a wink, which was a reference to Durburz sleep patterns, they had been becoming more human. This was not good, especially for a goblin not least the leader of the goblins.
Both companies managed to get up on time, although Durburz was a little worse for wear. They marched down to ridge a bow-shot away from the pyre. Durburz stopped the companies.
"Greszif send your lot in first, mine will douse the pyre and then join you." Both companies then moved out. When Durburz reached the pyre, fully ablaze since two days ago. But none of his prowler could find a bucket or water to douse the flames. It took a couple of hours to bring the fire down to a smoke, at which point it was nearly dawn and Greszif was attacking the dwarf barrier...

Battles for the Garrisons Part I
Both assaulting forces have doused the pyre flames; that signify if either of the defenders have control over their garrison. If a model can reach the pyre and roll a 5+ then they can light the pyre.

Setup: Dwarf Garrison
Orin orders the attack to be taken to the goblins, but one dwarf
stubbles over the wall and blood is dashes across the ground.
So Orin orders the retreat over the wall, they must
hold the goblins here...
The attackers engage.
The troll with one sweep pushes the nearby defenders back, steps
over the wall, and squishes one of the dwarves behind it.
Gimli ordered the last preparations of the assault on the goblins, this was not helped by the poor weapons they had. The plan was to attack at dawn, no sooner or later. However Hatain had not raised his troops quite on time, and was exiting his tent in his under-tunic when the dwarf heroes met.
"Hatain!" The Dwarf lord shouted. "What is the meaning of this!" It technically wasn't a question, Hatain knew full well he should've been up sooner.
"I was given to understand that we would be attacking after dawn?" He replied, although this was a feeble attempt at innocence, and even his warriors could see it.
"Rouse you troops, and join us as soon as you feel necessary then!" Gimli barked. "If you join the attack and I have taken the defences by the time you get there, your rank will be attested to!"
"Yes my lord" Hatain replied swiftly, and rushed around ordering the muster of his company.
Gimli swaggered over towards the goblin's barriers and a one of his guards doused the pyre's flames on their way. He would take this garrison single handed-ly if he had to...

Meanwhile at the Goblin Garrison...
Several goblins and the troll vault over the wall,
hoping to reach the pyre quickly.
But Gimli's guard intervene, blocking off the troll
The other portion of his guard attack the wall. And one thoroughly
unsuspecting guard takes an arrow through his faceplate.
Gimli and a guard have blocked off the entrance to the pyre, but
this will be limited until Hatain arrives to support him.
The dwarf lord and his companions are jumped upon..
And one falls either side.
Two guards have maintained the attack, although it seems
unlikely to prevail.
At the Dwarf garrison; The dwarf captain steams the tide of goblins
and the troll that breach their line.
Two dwarves fall to a goblin, they have breached the line. Such that the
captain rushes the beast, swinging the two-handed axe,
carving mighty rents in it's hide leaving it prone...
The goblins clamber over the barrier, swarming the southern section.
The Northern section fares much better, ridding it's attackers.
As the assault reaches a tipping point. The goblin king arrives..
And so Orin shouts orders for his warriors to attack the minions.
All goes as swiftly as hoped. Orin slices through both his enemies.
Greszif gets surrounded and cannot fend off the multiple
dwarves stabbing him, so succumbs
Back at the Goblin garrison, the Goblins enclose on Gimli's guard.
Although one falls either side, it is not in Gimli's favour.
Just as Gimli was losing faith, a battle-cry comes from behind him.
He takes a quick glance, Hatain had arrived...
The lord rushes between the pillars to block the goblins and troll
as Hatain's, company rush over to help him. 
In doing so, he cuts down a supporting goblin.
The goblin defenders, do one better stabbing down
both remaining members of his guard.

Hatain's company close in on the pillars, and he sends a small
group to breach the defences in his own stead.
At the goblin garrison; the goblins are getting close to reaching the pyre. In which case they will force the dwarves to retreat, if the dwarves can't break through the goblin defenders.

At the Dwarf garrison, Orin is forming a formidable defence. But if this breaks then they will lose, as none of the dwarves have gone to re-light the pyre.

Until then


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