Saturday, 27 December 2014

Face-off 2014 1st round Erebor Vs Isengard raiders

The uruk-hai don't have the statistical advantage needing 6's to wound any of the dwarf warriors (except Lurtz), even then he could be outclassed by the high defence enemy captain. Especially when they only need 4's or 5's to wound them, so the extra two models have to make a large difference...

Erebor Vs Isengard raiders (Meeting Engagement)

The dwarves form a marching line
The uruks aim to pepper them with arrows

One uruk moves around to flank the dwarf line

But the dwarves crash into the uruk shields
but the melee results in nothing
Lurtz engages a guard while the captain stands off the archers
Who promptly fire arrows through a guards facemask catching him
unawares and another khazad guard is caught off balance in fighting
Lurtz orders all his warriors into the dwarves, giving no quarter
The captain kicks away Lurtz and slices through the two nearby uruks
In the line dwarves and uruks are killed alike, with the dwarves
giving to much of their quarter to the uruks
The dwarves are surrounded quickly by Lurtz' warriors
The uruk warrior stabs the captain while Lurtz occupies his attention
Another guard succumbs and the other fights back

The last two are engulfed by the enemy warriors

And are quickly dispatched with ease
This reduces the dwarves below 25% and gives the raiders the victory!

After the dwarves took casualties and didn't respond quickly, they lost too much of their wounding advantages from not being able to win fights against multiple opponents, so got surrounded and killed.
Raiders = 18
Erebor = 4
Lurtz = 2 (2)
Dwarf captain = 2 (2)
This means they will now face either the Men of Gondor or the Elves in the next round.
Which is the next battle up... 

Until then


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