Monday, 22 December 2014

Face-off 2014 teams and analysis

Over the next few weeks I shall be doing another Face-off tournament
The rules are the same as before:

  • 150pt teams
  • No more than 15 participants in favour of the warband rules
  • One hero who can be generic
  • Victory conditions are scenario specific

  • This years Face-off shall include:


    A dwarf captain with shield leads six khazad guard and two dwarves with shield. This is an average numbers of troops, they have high defence values and the khazad guard strength 4 so should be able to deal with heavy armour decently. Only move rate should be an issue for turn dependent scenarios.

    Isengard raiders

    After reaching the final last time around, so the force remains the same: Lurtz followed by ten uruk-hai, seven with shields, three with bows. A good mix of strength, fight value and numbers. Lurtz is as sufficient in combat as using a bow so will have to be against a superior hero to negate his assets.

    The Easterlings

    After abysmal showings in both of the last years Face-offs, the force remains similar, but the archers are dropped giving the captain a shield, all the nine infantry shields and three spears. The numbers should be better utilised here, at least against strength three, otherwise they'll be torn apart.

    The Serpent Horde

     A winning performance by the serpent lord himself won the tournament easily the last time of entering, so he retains his place along with his guard, hoping to at least reach the finals, hoping that the scenarios are not orientated around numbers.

    Tower of Ecthelion

    The slow dwarves ran rings around then two tournaments ago, they have changed their style a lot to an all out attack. A captain on horse-back leads a guard of six Knights of Minas Tirith with shields hoping to break the enemy forces in one fell strike. This is a brave strategy for scenarios with kill limits so one or two turns can destroy the bulwark of enemy troops, but this is a disadvantage for longer scenarios where numbers may be required to win objectives.


    An elven captain with heavy armour leads seven elves, five with spear and shield, two with blades. The shields will form a high fight value, high courage resilient wall while the captain and blades cut through the flanking forces. Against a large number of enemies this will become less effective, but will be prevalent against smaller forces in longer skirmishes.

    Cirth Ungol

    Shagrat takes back the lead with a shield so should be able face most of the enemy leaders. He brings eleven orcs, one with banner to gain combat advantages in longer skirmishes, and the other ten orcs aim to swarm the force trapping them against themselves.

    Théoden's host
    Erkenbrand retains his place despite not making a single kill last time, his horn and three might points will be dearly needed. He has four royal guard with throwing spears, and five warriors with shields and throwing spears too. One of the larger forces here, although not by much, aiming to strike the enemy with throwing spears reducing numbers before the fight phase where Erkenbrand's horn can come into play.

    Of the forces here, The Isengard raiders and Théoden's host will probably stand a better chance of winning the tournament. Although Tower of Ecthelion and the serpent horde have outside chances too, having overbalanced forces either too much invested in the hero or a unit only with a specific skill set eg.charging, which could work if other forces winning or having well suited scenarios in their favour.
    The battle order:
    Erebor Vs Isengard Raiders (Meeting Engagement)

    Tower of Ecthelion Vs Rivendell (Contest of Champions)

    Easterlings Vs Cirth Ungol (Domination)

    The serpent horde Vs Théoden's host (Contest of Champions)

    Until then


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