Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Act Two - Second assault on Cair Andros

Faramir is sent uplands, ambushing Southron and Easterling columns in the hope of delaying enemy reinforcements and distracting Sauron's gaze. One captain remains at Cair Andros with the orc host camping behind the palisade, and an attack during the night out of the question, due to their limited numbers, the captain set a watch and hoped that the attack would be long, so the walls could grind down the orc forces.
With little light left in the day, the orc host emerges through the gate and holes in the palisade, the defenders assemble with the orcs barely a stone's throw away.

Objectives: Get 10 models behind the ramparts before turn 12 / prevent this or break orc forces

One arrow flies over the siege bow, plucking an orc off his feet
Two more are felled to slow down the ladders
The ladders are hoisted up, only to be shoved back down
More ladder shoving as the ram hits the gate in a dull thud
Two more orcs fall prey to the archers
Orcs are ordered over to the siege bow assisting the
lone crew-member in firing at the gate
The defenders are preparing as the ladders are picked back up
The archers fire on the ram-crew downing two of them,
as they smash a small opening in the gate
The ladder is pushed back down squishing two of the orcs with it.
The orc archers volley into the tower, striking one of the rangers dead
Men moving to the gate preparing for any breach
Two ladders are pushed up, the other picked up
They form a battle line at the gatehouse
The captain guards the only ladder, while another ranger is felled
The ladders are mounted as the third is pushed down,
one orc is struck down, killing another unawares in the fall
The captain tumbles his opponents over each other with ease
One of the captains springs over the ramparts slicing through
both the defenders, who stab at another orc in the assault
The ram hits the gate to little effect and a ladder is cast down
More orcs join the captain on the ramparts
The other attacks are beaten back but the
captain reduces the defenders by one
One defender sacrifices himself, so the others can throw down a ladder
However an orc volley catches the last ranger, yet three orcs manage
to dash each others heads against the ground in their falling back
The siege bow finally lands a shot on target splitting the gate in half
the archers behind are prepared for this and an arrow slays an orc
Two ladders are cast down, while another is pushed up
The defenders at the gatehouse buckle under the orc line who cut
down two men while the ramparts are cleared of all but a captain
Gothmog sees the strength of the defenders being the wall
The Captain of Gondor held his sword aloft and cried "For Gondor!" which rallied a cry amongst his men, who were killing their way across the ramparts. 
The captain rushed down to the gatehouse where the fighting had become more balanced. That was until he arrived and tore through Gothmog's bodyguard. The orcs had had enough, so fled before the Gondorians swords leaving the injured for dead.
The gates were broken, and the next host would be much larger, there was no hope of defending the isle. So the captain gathered the men, and set out for the Rammas, where Faramir was gathering the remaining defenders of Osgiliath and Cair Andros.

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