Sunday, 5 October 2014

Act Three - The Rammas

With Cair Andros and Osgiliath overrun, Faramir prepares a small desperate defence upon the walls of the Rammas to stall the assault on Minas Tirith. Along with Damrod and a handful of rangers that are fleeing from the enemy attack which had been formed hastily by Gothmog, although more of the Mordorian vanguard enter the field as the fighting progresses. One of the Gondorian captains takes to his horse with a contingent of knights, to rescue Faramir from the clutches of the orcs. If Faramir falls, Minas Tirith is doomed.

The Knights file out
Faramirs company is catch by the warg riders

With Damrod getting cleaved to the ground and a warg paling

More orcs enter the field as the ladders draw closer,
several of the bearers are tactically killed
The Knights enter the fray, as Gothmog and one of the captains
charge into the melee
More orcs are cut but bolts and arrows, yet they can only kill one of the rangers
The Knights charge, breaks up the attack on the southern flank
A ladder is abandoned to kill the knight, while Faramir makes it
closer to the gate, and to safety

The Knights charge takes more orcs out of the ladder carrying picture

But one makes it to the wall, where a number of the defenders have gathered
The ram finally starts moving closer to the gate, as more of the knights
and rangers are surrounded and cut down by the reinforcements
The knights and rangers are almost eradicated, Gothmog orders his
minions into the full assault with a clear stream of orcs coming to the field

Ladders are pushed down and up, while the other orcs are shot at

The captain holding the ladders on the southern flank back

But in the northern section the orcs make a foothold

More heroics from the captain
The foothold is lost, while more orcs are felled to arrows
The captain caves in, as another ladder is pushed up
One orc is shoved off the southern ladder, the siege bow
 cuts a hole in the gate and more orcs are cut from the ram

Another foothold established on the ramparts

But two of the ladders are thrown off the walls, while the
captain tries to secure the position

One more ladder is shoved from the wall, as another is picked up
The orc captains make their mark in central wall section, carving through four men

And the ram smashes through the gate, leaving the defenders flondering

But two more ladders are thrown down encouraging
the defenders

Gothmog issues through the gate and the company of orcs cut
down one of defenders

More orcs climb atop the ramparts, while the men behind hurry to
intercept them

Man and orc are surrounded by each other
More orcs pour through the gateway, the defenders struggling to hold them
Either side taking casualties
One viscous melee leaves two more corpses for either side

But the bolt thrower gets the last kill
Gothmog sees defeat glinting in the eyes of the men as they hurry from the ramparts and gatehouse, he orders a small contingent of orcs to kill the routers. The Gondorians had inflicted a heavy wounds on the orc vanguard, too many of the orcs lie prone on the floor and half as many men. It would take another day to set up the attack on the walls of Minas Tirith. The Nazgul would not be pleased.

Until then


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