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Act Four - The Siege of Minas Tirith

The defence of the Rammas had halted the orc vanguard, Gothmog had to reconstruct the assault on Minas Tirith. The Witch-king wasn't pleased only satisfied the Gondor could be felled in one final blow. However the Nazgul still had to consider the wizard in his plans. So he would have to break him...

The bolt thrower and archers volley, taking down five orcs.
Gandalf casts a spell, lifting an orb of blinding light around the men nearby

More orcs are cut down by the swathe of projectiles. Gothmog orders the ram
 to be dropped, the archers are killing too many orcs
The siege bow crumples a portion of the gate into splinters.
The defenders claim six more orcs to their arrows and bolt.
The siege bow turn on the bolt thrower and bolts through on of the crew.
A warrior takes up the charge, but the number of orcs killed is reduced.
Another ladder is dropped as the first siege tower reaches the wall

And ladders are thrown up. The witch-king shouts "Your staff is broken",
but this is lost in the background battle noises 

A ladder is cast down, while orcs ascend the other. The witch king shouts
the same spell again, but Gandalf easily resists

A ladder approaches the wall, as another orc is cut down. While two
captains duel on the tower-top, the man getting the better of the orc

The other siege tower and ladder are placed to the wall
but a defence is prepared.

The two captains duel longer, two orcs being the casualties, one more orc is shot

The orc captain vaults over the ramparts stabbing the helpless men behind it
The orc in the captains duel gets the better and carves the man to pieces
Gandalf's voice thunders over all else as he blasts two orcs back
Another orc captain makes his way onto the ramparts
The southern wall defenders are attacked on both sides
The troll chief pushes down the gate, and  through three men
One fall either side on the northern section

One fall either side here to, as more orcs try to
find a foothold in the defences
The defenders scramble around trying to slow the flow of orcs.
As one orc and a man are downed
The orc captain is surrounded but pushes the attacks back,
whilst the Gondorian fairs better pushing an orc from the ladder
The orc captain succumbs, a ladder is pushed off the ramparts
and Gandalf stabs an orc
The troll tired of the defenders, crushes a couple and swats out at three more.
A handful of the defenders see the break in their lines and rush to the gate
One orc hastens down the steps, as two orcs and men are felled by the
gatehouse by arrows and swords
The attack has weakened here

The Men here hold the orc captains
Although the gate had been breached and the southern wall section taken, Gothmog knew that the assault was far from complete. The Grey-fool had held the Men of Gondor in check.
From afar horns could be heard in the rising sun. Rohan had come. His orcs were engaged on the walls and couldn't retreat. There were several companies of orcs positioned on the northern flank, the Rohirrim had broken through them like wheat. The host was trapped against the Gondorian walls like an anvil, and the riders of Rohan were the hammer folding over the orc lines tearing the assault apart as the moved, killing, maiming, carving. Routing.

Until then


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