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Act One - First Assault on Cair Andros

Saurons's forces march northwards towards the only other major crossing of the Anduin. The two keeps and the stone ring wall protect Cair Andros from invaders. But after centuries of warfare and decay, all that remains is an impressive wooden palisade and one of the keeps to prevent Sauron from controlling the rivers crossing points. Faramir must prevent the orc captains from gaining a foothold in the defences.

Objectives: Secure as many objectives before either force is broken.

                  : Palisade gatehouse, Keep gatehouse, Road to Palisade, Courtyard well, Ruined keep
The Gondorians guard the palisade very thinly

Several orcs arrows whistle over the palisade
one catches one of the defenders
The orcs find a way through the line gaining a foothold in the defences
Three orcs fall prey to the spiky barrier
Two-pronged attack on the sparsely numbered men
Not able to get through the gate
Everyone engaged
The attack slaughters the defenders in the south
Faramir, sets an example, although no-one seems to notice
The only place where orcs are being killed, and four more
One captain manages to kill his way across with a warrior
while the other takes a vicious stab wound but stays standing
four orcs trip amongst the spikes and a dozen fall over completely
Though five more break through the line.
Faramir prevents the gate being opened
however is surrounded by orcs
The defences here are barely holding
Getting over the palisade is half the trouble
as the defenders put up a brave fight
Faramir slays another orc
Three orcs get impaled as Damrod and the ranger are cut down
The Gondorian captain strikes twice against his foes
while another comrade falls under orc blades
Another orc to the palisade, as the defenders are surrounded
More orcs making their way across
Preparing for the assault on the keep walls, 
only a third of the orcs are lying prone
The orcs moving to secure the courtyard objective
As Faramir fights the tide of orcs
Two more orcs speared by the barrier, four make it across though
One of the captains hurries to the second keep objective
Two orcs are felled near the gatehouse
One fatality either side, but this puts the orcs in favour
More movement in transporting the ladders
Further traffic through the inner defences
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Faramir retreats with a warrior, only for him to be cut down by orcs
yet Gondorian archery claims one orc
With the Palisade gatehouse secure, the ladders
are being moved towards the main keep
But some orcs haven't got the message, still unable to vault the barrier
Faramir is surrounded
With the captain retreating, the archer prepares to open the gate
The other archer faces three orcs and their captain
still unable to pierce their armour
Faramir succumbs to the weight of orc bodies around him
And the orcs preparing to take the keep move into place
This archer takes up a defensive position
Still trouble at the palisade
The captain is but footsteps away from the gate, simply needing to 
hold off the attacks, and prepare for the final orc assault on the keep
But the orcs couldn't let that happen this day, 
crushing both men underfoot
The Gondorian bowman bolted the gate closed. Preventing the orcs on the other side through the fortified door, which is when the orc general called off the attack. Cursing themselves, the remaining orcs jogged back behind the palisade.
The remaining bowman looked beyond the natural barrier to see fire. Brands marching towards the isle with machines of war. The Isle was now besieged.

A ragged Faramir and a handful of men returned through the gate. He spoke to the captain briefly before leaving with Damrod and some rangers. The captain gathered the last of the men and prepared the defences, for what he knew was the last battle before Sauron's forces made it across the Anduin...

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